Trends In Haircut for Men 2024

Finding a flattering, stylish haircut for men 2024 can be tricky, but having an on-trend modern cut you feel confident with is life-changing. The most popular modern men’s hairstyles offer enough versatility to style up or down whether you have straight, wavy, curly, thick, or thinning hair. 

From short to longer lengths on top, these men’s cuts range from low-maintenance to high-style so that you can find your perfect match. Review the latest and most popular haircut for men 2024 predicted to be huge this year ahead.

Buzz Cut

The military-inspired simple buzz haircut for men 2024 features super short hair trimmed to a consistent 1⁄8 to 1⁄4-inch length all over the head for a no-fuss style. Use clippers without any guards.

Crew Cut

The classic crew cut features hair tapered short on the sides/back blended up to a slightly longer length on top, around 1⁄2 inch. This calls for Clippers with #2 – #4 guards.

Caesar Cut

The Caesar haircut offers cropped straight-across fringe bangs paired with close tapered sides.

Induction Cut

This skin fade boot camp style combines a high bald fade with a broad flattop crest of longer hair on top made famous by the US Army induction cuts.

Flat Top

Channels a retro ‘50s vibe with very short faded sides and hair cut precisely level on top in a rectangular shape about an inch high.

Butch Cut

A classic rugged style where hair gradually fades from fingers-width on top down to a skin fade with a defined hairline edged sharply around ears/neck. 

Side Part + Taper

With hair longer on top, create a deep side part and comb back for a sleek semi-formal style. Neaten up temples/neck with a short tapered cut. 

Pompadour Fade 

Make a bold statement by pairing a high-volume pompadour style with a high bald fade. Wear hair brushed straight up off the face for drama.

Comb Over Fade

One of the trendiest modern cuts features longer hair on top combed over to one side paired with a high taper fade cut super short at the hairline for contrast.

Hard Side Part

Embrace natural volume with longer hair styled with height parted deeply. Get clean lines, etch the strong part line back through longer top layers, and cut blunt.

Textured Crop

Ruffle up a short textured crop with messy separation on top layered to achieve lots of tousled texture. Scissors are in choppy lines instead of clean precision. 

Curtain Bangs

Soft, rounded, eye-grazing bangs cut to graze brows frame the face beautifully. Comb back or let bangs fall messily. Pair with fade sides.

Blowout + Bald Fade

Get sharp separation pairing longer blown-out textured hair up top styled with volume and flow with a curved high bald fade cut extremely short along the temples/neck.

Shape Up + Waves

Crisp up temples and hairlines with straight razor arched “shape up” lines to define waves, afro, and curly haircuts. It instantly makes styles look cleaner, and finishing fades.

Temple Fade

Drawing attention to the eyes, a temple fade concentrates short fading along the sides focused closest around the temples, clearing ear covers with clippers.

Loose Pomp

Loose pomps style longer hair on top with a natural bend slightly swept up and back off the face instead of severely vertical gravity-defying volume.

Quiff Pomp

Inject rock star edge into clean, classic cuts with a textured modern quiff, part punky mohawk, part pompadour. Sweep hair sideways and spiky instead of heights.

Buzzed Sides Long Top

For statement-making contrast, buzz cut the back/sides close with clippers without any guard attachment, leaving hair on top long enough to style messily tousled high. 

Bowl Cut

A modern bowl cut features hair trimmed with straight bangs across the forehead and cropped short at the crown, matching sides equally uniform in length for an edgy style.

Widow’s Peak Fade

A naturally receding hairline with a pointed front center part looks extra sharp, shaped crisply with a high skin fade cut at the temples. Ask your barber to accentuate peaks.

Mohawk Fade 

Channel punk vibes with the modern mohawk featuring sides faded super short, leaving a wide strip of spiked longer hair down the center running front to the nape.

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