Trendsetting Designs of Cardboard Counter Display Boxes

How you package your product can greatly affect how well it sells!

Do you know that  72% of American consumers consider the packaging design when deciding what to buy? In addition, with more people looking for eco-friendly options, using sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important. In fact, about half of US consumers are even willing to pay more for packaging that’s better for the environment. 

That’s why it’s crucial to strike a balance between a luxurious appearance and sustainable practices to attract and retain customers. Choosing cardboard as your packaging material can help achieve this, as it’s both visually appealing and eco-friendly, making it a hit with environmentally conscious shoppers. 

Remember: an effective display ignites curiosity and beckons customers to explore further.

Cardboard counter display boxes are ideal to grab the attention of your potential buyers and drive up sales. In this blog, we will explore the 6 best counter product display options that can help you increase your product’s visibility and boost your net revenue like never before. 

First, let’s look into why cardboard material is ideal for display boxes. 

Bonuses of Utilizing Cardboard Material for Counter Product Displays

  • They are quite cost-effective, saving your budget.
  • Their turnaround time is relatively fast.
  • Durable and best for seasonal use.
  • Boxes are made extremely easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport are its two prime qualities.
  • They can easily be cut and mold into any desired shape, style, or size.
  • Consider it the best material to support the Green Revolution.

6 Innovative Ways to Turn Heads and Outshine Your Competitors 

Are you seeking effective solutions to modify simple cardboard into a beacon that draws all eyes? From striking designs to engaging features, here are 8 ingenious strategies to highlight your products and leave your competitors in the dust. 

Pop-Up Counter Display Boxes Cardboard

Pop-up display boxes serve as invaluable tools at the point of purchase (POP), strategically positioned near the register or in high-traffic areas within stores. These compact yet multi-purpose solutions are ideal for spotlighting small, new, or seasonal products. 

Made from versatile cardboard, they’re easy to open and fold into a sleek presentation of your brand. Moreover, their space-efficient design makes them a preferred choice for retailers with limited storefront space.

Storefront Window Displays

Storefront displays act as the welcoming handshake between a company and a potential customer. They are presented at the front window of a store to offer a sneak peek into what awaits inside. Crafted carefully, they must be compelling enough to stop passersby in their tracks within seconds. 

If you incorporate cardboard, these displays can transform everyday items into lavish products that instantly spark interest.  

Cardboard Counter Display Stands

Consider counter display stands handy tools for sharing info about your business or holding small promo items like business cards. They sit nicely on counters, making them great for showing off your brand, promoting events, or pushing special deals. While they’re not big enough for products, they’re perfect for spreading the word about your brand in a small space.

Pallet Display 

Cardboard pallet displays can be a game-changer when it comes to increasing the turnover of products.

Pallet displays are like freestanding displays, but they sit on top of a pallet instead of directly on the floor. You’ll often spot them in big stores or wholesale clubs where lots of products are sold at once. Even though they hold heavy stuff in large amounts, they’re still easy to move around using a small pallet truck. They’re usually placed in big, busy areas to help products sell quickly. 

If they’re made of cardboard, they’re not just practical but also ecologically safe. By placing it near the checkout line, they urge impulse buys. 

Cardboard Dump Bins

Dump bins offer customers easy access to bulk inventory, overstock items, or sale merchandise, often prompting impulse purchases. Prefer these for easy assembly, disassembly, or relocation, as you can customize them in any desired size. Simplify your bulk purchase with retail dump bins!

With their low cost and high effectiveness, integrating dump bins into retail displays in grocery stores, discount outlets, club stores, and wholesale establishments proves to be a smart option. 

Brochure Holders

Ever noticed those sleek, informative brochures resting on the checkout counter or the reception desk while you’re out and about? They’re not just there for decoration! 

Businesses like educational institutions, travel agencies, restaurants, beauty salons, B2B companies, and healthcare providers use them to represent their offerings without needing a physical storefront. Cardboard brochure holders offer a practical strategy for displaying marketing materials in any setting. 

With customizable options available, you can easily personalize these holders to match your brand’s theme and message. 


Cardboard counter display boxes offer a range of creative and eco-conscious options to display your products. With trendsetting designs like pop-up displays, pallet arrangements, and brochure holders, businesses can captivate consumers with artistry while also advocating sustainability. By taking up these distinctive approaches, brands can hike up their presence, improve sales, and resonate with environmentally-minded shoppers in unforgettable ways.

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