Types of Drawer Slides | Why choose a Zinc-coated Steel finish?



Drawer Runners for practical household management

With the advancement in technology, home decor trends have also shifted for the better, making life simpler, easier, and more organized. Home accessories have now become more precise, handy, convenient, and beneficial. These small yet essential tools add real value to our day-to-day routine leading to improved quality of life. Let us take the example of drawer slides – helping drawers slide in and out smoothly by reducing friction and providing an excellent fit. These slides ensure easy access to the stuff placed inside drawers. These days, heavy-duty slides that can bear higher weights of up to 20 kilograms are being manufactured. These are easy to mount and last longer.


Types of drawer slides depend on the variation in their structure and functionality. Overall, they could be classified as Ball Bearing drawer slides, Under-mount, Center Mount & Side Mount drawer slides, Roller slides, and Ball Bearing Soft-Close drawer slides. Under-mount, Center mount, and Side mount drawer slides are more or less the same. Their location of installation makes them different. Everyone must consider their personal needs and the purpose for which they would employ drawer slides. These slides are available in a variety of dimensions to ensure the perfect fit. In this way, one can make sure that one is landing the correct type of drawer slides. Always consider merchandise that provides high-quality drawer slides at a reasonable rate internationally to individual clients and businesses.


Benefits offered by all types of drawer slides are exclusive for the users. Overall, they all work to operate a drawer or cabinet with added comfort. Undermount slides come in pairs and are attached to the bottom of a drawer. Since they are not visible, it makes them the first-hand choice for any buyer. Soft close drawer slides significantly enhance the durability of drawers by reducing the stress on drawer hinges and plates. Ball Bearing drawer slides are considered easiest to install and they are best suited for industrial machinery and dresser drawers. Roller slides bear two separate components, one for the drawer and the other for the cabinet. They work best for horizontal settings such as desk drawers with a lesser load. The presence of the Rubber brake mechanism in modern-style drawer slides provides 100% ownership to the user while handling a drawer, so it is not set free spontaneously.

Why Zinc-coated Steel finish works the best for drawer slides

As a matter of fact, drawer slide finish plays an integral part in depicting how long your purchase will last. Keeping aesthetics aside, the reliability of a product depends on its quality and material. Therefore, it is of primary value to pay heed to this factor. Here are the main reasons why one must consider buying drawer slides that come with a zinc-coated steel coating based on chromate. Zinc-coated steel is non-reactive, and it is resistant to metallic rust as well. Neither will it lose its shine nor functionality because its chemical composition remains intact. It is considered the best option for indoor drawer and cabinet configuration.


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