Unique PDF Editing Tools Offered by The Newest Online PDF Editor: GoPDF

Developments in technology manifest themselves in many areas of users’ lives. This situation began to be used to perform simple transactions in a short time. Therefore, technology, especially artificial intelligence, has begun to be used to complete time-consuming operations within a few seconds. Online PDF editors are one of the platforms that can be preferred by users so that such simple but time-consuming operations can be completed on a single platform. GoPDF is valuable in that it enables PDF editing in minimum time and the creation of flawless, professional-looking files.GoPDF, simply put, is an online PDF editor and has an AI-powered structure. GoPDF, which has a cloud-based operating system, provides storage space and has a sign-up system that is registered via the email system.

What Tools Can Be Used Through GoPDF?

While GoPDF serves its users as an online PDF editor, it aims to enable rapid design and includes elements that can be used as shortcuts for this purpose. While some of the features on the platform are equipped with features that can be used to perform simple operations, other features are offered to users of the GoPDF platform for both practicality and to create a more in-depth working area.


The tools offered to users through GoPDF can be listed as follows:

In addition, convert PDF to JPG and Microsoft Word online operations and Protect PDF tools are also provided by the platform. Therefore, various operations such as adding a password, image, or image to the file can be carried out entirely from a single page on the platform. GoPDF offers its users all the features required to edit PDF documents online in a short time through various features.

Unique Feature by GoPDF: AI Chat with PDF

GoPDF, which has an infrastructure that supports starting the PDF editing process by converting a document into a digital document with its OCR PDF feature, supports its users at every stage of PDF editing. Suitable for editing documents in different languages, GoPDF offers an internationalized service to be among the best online editors.AI Chat with PDF tool scans the PDF file uploaded by the user. As a result of this scanning process, it collects data and becomes ready to answer questions asked by the user or perform the desired operations.While the AI Chat with PDF feature supports users in performing rapid editing operations, it also provides engagement & collaboration services. Additionally, the operations that can be performed through this tool are as follows:

  • Summarizing PDF
  • Finding phrases in the PDF
  • Answering requests of users
  • Adding annotations on PDF

The operations above are the editing operations that users can perform on the GoPDF platform via the AI Chat with PDF tool. As can be seen, the AI-powered aspect of GoPDF creates the necessary space for documents to be edited and perfected in a short time. In addition to PDF editing via GoPDF, it is also possible to learn from and work on PDF files.


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