Usage of Electronics in our Daily Life and How they help with Learning

Electronic Devices today have become an irreplaceable part of our routine. We feel something is missing if we don’t have any electronic device usage or entertainment around us.  Let’s study and acknowledge how Electronic devices like the Immuno-dermatology digital platform have become essential in our daily lives. 

Using electronics in our daily life has become a part of our daily routine, we rarely acknowledge how the world would turn out to be without electronic gadgets. Whether from listening to music, going to market, calling a friend or relative, cooking food, we use electronic devices in one way or another. We all are surrounded by Electronics components. 

The young generation today carry their mobile phone along with them. They prefer video calls, sending text messages,  voice messages, taking pictures, making videos and playing music.  

Elders also prefer that they carry their cell phones along, not only for us to be always connected to them but also to ensure that they are safe.  Mobile phones have become an integral part of life.

The Internet today has created a boom in every area of life. It has become more common everywhere. 

  • With mobile phones, laptops every individual can personally check their emails and do office work anywhere and everywhere possible. 
  • They can do their web search anywhere, thanks to the electronic accessories such as secured internet, antivirus installed, which can be added to the computer and increase its reliability.
  •  People have also brought their big businesses home with new applications introduced on the internet with every small thing. 
  • Nothing is far away from you or cannot be reached. The sellers ensure that information regarding their buyers doesn’t get leaked or is accessed by any unauthorised individual.
  • Electronic devices play a vital role if we talk about media, both in movies, music, and the news world. 
  • Record players, CD drives, speakers, cameras, they all are advanced electronic gadgets which have gotten advanced in the last few decades. People prefer carrying their music playlist along. 
  • When you connect bluetooth or headphones to your electronic gadget, music tends to be heard by the user without disturbing others.

An advancement in cameras has increased many folds. An excellent mobile phone does have a valuable digital camera that can capture still photographs, record a video, store them and transfer them to your family and friends and computer or laptops well. 

Photographs captured through the camera can be edited, cropped, enhanced, or enlarged through the miracle of electronics.

Electronic devices also impact the area of Health. Electronic devices help in diagnosis and determining the medical problem. It also helps in carrying research to provide proper treatment and cure any illness or any genetic anomalies.

Equipment includes MRI, CAT, and other X-rays, tests for diabetes, cholesterol, and other blood counts and components. Everything relies upon electronic devices. Pacemakers and similar equipment which get implanted in the body is now a normal routine thing.

How do Electronic Devices help in Learning?

 Electronic devices can help students to enhance their capability and productivity in learning. Below are some points are given in its support.

  • Digital devices saves time

Digital gadgets help students in studying. Students listen to a lot of lectures by different expert teachers from across other states or even countries. Using gadgets saves time for students, which they can utilise for learning and retaining other stuff. 

Usage of applications such as speech instead of writing text saves ample time. a

  • Gadgets can be an effective and innovative learning media

 Students use gadgets far more often than desktop computers and even laptops. This implies that mobile gadgets can be an even more significant learning tool. They can increase their creativity and have innovative thinking.

  • Access to videos

Students tend to learn and grasp things if they are the things visually. Access to videos while studying in classrooms will enhance their learning experience. This makes students socially active, and they can share a lot of information, thoughts, and ideas on a subject or topic. 

This not makes them currently active but also confident and ready to answer on every topic.

  • Increases students interest in studies than traditional studying methods

The field of education has positively benefited from the use of gadgets. This has made their learning more convenient, easier, simpler, and fun-filled. Many teachers teach students using smart boards and interactive whiteboards.

  • Advance Way to Present the lecture and Illustrations

With the usage of electronics in a classroom, the teachers tend to present the lecture in a more advanced manner. 

Shifting from mere traditional techniques such as using hardcopies, drawings, and blackboard to using presentations, making charts and tables online with the audiovisual facility. This has changed their ways to present information using electronic gadgets.

  • Ease in doing research works

The students no longer have to go to the library physically and browse hardcopy books for simple research works or homework. Information regarding anything can be accessed through the internet in a couple of seconds.

Carrying research online is not only limited to a browser such as Google. Reputed schools provide facilities for students to access scholarly digital databases. Thus, data is no longer confined within library computers; students can now access it through their mobile phones and tablets.

  • Easy Access and Storage of information

Students traditionally take notes, but they can store books and notes through pdf or ebook copies or by taking pictures of lecture notes. They can also record audio and videos of lectures and discussions as long as the lecturer or professor permits it. 

Also, anytime they need materials, they can be accessed through the most portable gadgets such as mobile phones.


There we go!! As discussed above, Electronic gadgets increase not only productivity but also the efficiency of teachers and students. Students get more confident about their concepts and learning. They tend to give more interest and stay active during classroom sessions. However, these benefits can only be maximised if there is little supervision in using these gadgets. 

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