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Shilajit is an ayurvedic ingredient mostly found in the Himalayan rocks. The gradual disintegration of plants develops over centuries.

Shilajit in ayurvedic medicine is extensively used. It can have a positive influence on your general health and well being, and is an effective and secure supplement.

Shilajit has two kinds: shilajit gomutra and shilajit karpura.

Shilajit is also categorised according to the substances present: Suvarna Shilajit, Rajat Shilajit, Tamr Shilajit and Loh Shilajit in four primary groups. Loh Shilajit is popular with all of them.


Shilajit uses

  • Diabetes management
  • Shilajit uses include improvement in cognitive performance
  • Intestinal Disorder
  • Remedy Stress and anxiety
  • Enhances fertility and libido remedy
  • Shilajit uses includes slow ageing
  • Cardiac Function
  • Treating wounds and ulcers
  • Pain And Inflammation
  • Prevents weight loss
  • facilitates anaemia


Forms of Shilajit


There are various shilajit forms. One should know the many varieties, so you are not overwhelmed by the choices.

  • Resin of Shilajit

This resinous type of Shilajit is often the sticky product retrieved from the mountain fissures. The product is less refined and laden with the goodness of nature than powdered or capsule shapes. They can be easily found in local and internet shops.

  • Shilajit resin liquid

This variant is slightly finer than the resin version. It comes as a semi-viscous liquid that can be consumed directly or blended with an optional drink( mostly known as Shilajit resin liquid). Since evaporation is processed, most natural components are available. Shilajit resin liquid may be the best form you can consume it.

  • Solid Shilajit

This is the most frequent form for the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicinal products ideally. It is produced either naturally or at high temperatures by over-drying the resinous form. This shape is similar to Shilajit’s resin.

  • Powder of Shilajit

The shilajit’s powdered shape is still another step further on the ladder. The colours of black, brown and amber are different. Many individuals choose to take powder form over any of the above since liquids like milk, water, smoothies and so forth might be easier to combine; if they are carefully prepared, the amount of nutrients and minerals is higher than the solid form.

  • Tablets Shilajit

These are made of the shilajit shaped in powder. It is concentrated and is usually presented in a prefixed dosage. Tablets are best suited for folks who don’t like powder.

  • Capsules Shilajit

Like tablets, shilajit capsules are inside powdered. The problem here though is that their purity cannot be determined.

How to use

Many people wish to eat Shilajit but often don’t know how it can be eaten. Here are some of the accepted methods and dosages to integrate them into your everyday wellness system.

  • Shilajit Raw

The raw shilajit is the most frequent kind of Shilajit. It comprises – liquid, resin and solid shilajit shapes.

To your favourite beverages, smoothies, teas and more you may add Shilajit. Solid shape can also be consumed by mouth.

  • Syrup of Shilajit

Shilajit syrup is a concentrated concoction prepared from the resinous or liquid extract. It can be eaten after being added to a tender glass of water or milk.

Shilajit in Milk – How to consume shilajit in milk? 


This is Shilajit’s most prevalent form. In a glass of tidy milk, mix the shilajit with powder or liquid shape. Take it as directed by your doctor two to three times a day.

  • Capsule of Shilajit

If you have questions like how to take shilajit capsules, it is probably the easiest way. Take your doctor’s suggested dosage with a glass of water or milk or a drink of your choice.

Capsules are favoured since they are an inexpensive and hassle-free approach to obtain a nutrition dose. Pop up a tablet and see the panacea grass make you all the magic.

Shilajit oil — The oil is in a highly concentrated shape prepared using Shilajit extract. Add to your drink (tea, milk, water etc.) 3-4 drops (or as advised), to be eaten.

  • Gold Shilajit

Shilajit Gold is a kind of capsule shilajit. It’s made from Kesar. Shilajit Gold is a method of treating erectile dysfunction as Ayurvedic.

  • Churna’s Balls Shilajit

Shilajit churna balls can be taken quickly and easily. These churna balls are produced from Ashwagandha, safed Musli and Shilajit, and an unbelievable way to obtain the greatest herbs in your body.

  • Chyawanprash Shilajit

Chyawanprash is a paste made from a variety of plants. It increases the immunity of a person, reduces old age and instils nutrients in the body. Many manufacturers are now adding Shilajit to the traditional formula to strengthen the chyawanprash. You can eat a spoon or two with water or milk twice a day.

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