Videographer Prices in the UK: Rates and Influencing Factors

If you’re organizing an event in the UK, you might want to look for a videographer. This professional will create a beautiful movie about your event and edit it. People often hire videographers in London and other parts of the UK for their weddings and other festive occasions. In this article, we’ll try to give a comprehensive answer to the question who a videographer is and let you know about videographer prices.

Who is a videographer?

A freelance videographer is a professional who makes movies of different types. In particular, he/she films events that take place indoors or outdoors. They might be filming for many hours — and then, they select only the best moments and make a coherent movie. They might add music and special effects to it.

A cameraman’s salary in the UK depends not only on their talents and expertise but also on certain external factors that will be described in the corresponding section of this article. Plus, they have professional equipment that not every amateur can afford. That’s why videos that a seasoned cameraman makes are head and shoulders above what a guest of the event can make.

Once the movie is ready, the videographer uploads it to a cloud service and sends the link to the client. Alternatively, they might save the movie on a hard drive and give it to the client when they meet in person.

How much does it cost to hire a videographer?

The cost of freelance video production might vary approximately from £40 to £250 per hour. If you prefer to count per project, the price of a promotion camera for hire might start at £100. The average videographer salary varies from £300 to £1000 per project. The highest freelance rates in the UK start with £1500 and might be uncapped, depending on how famous the cameraman is.

Once the event is over, it’s time to edit the content. Freelance video editor rates in the UK might start with 150% of the cameraman’s work. Sometimes, freelance video editor rates might be up to 6 times higher than those of the cameraman.

To cut down expenses, some event organizers prefer to film the content themselves and then pass it to talented editors. Such an approach might work only if the amateur has strong filming skills. Yet even if they do, they might miss many opportunities because they would like to join other guests from time to time.

The best way out would be to ask the same professional to film the event and edit the content. They will perfectly render the atmosphere of the gathering and correctly identify its key moments.

Which factors determine videographer prices in the UK?

The following five factors might influence freelance videographer rates in the UK.


The longer your movie, the more your freelance video production will cost. Plus, the cameraman might charge you extra if they need to work in not too comfortable conditions (such as bad weather).

Both the duration of the event and the length of the movie can impact the price. To cut down costs, you might want to book the videographer only for a couple of hours and not for the whole event. They should be able to film only the most important moments.Location

A London videographer would normally charge more than their colleague from a remote town. But if your event takes place in the capital and you find a cameraman from another location, you’ll need to pay for their transport and maybe a hotel. So typically, it makes sense to hire locally.

Besides, professionals from big cities often have better equipment and bigger experience. They might better understand what you want because you live in the same environment.Visual effects

The more effects you want and the more complicated they are, the more you’ll need to pay. Some people think that they might hire a cheap videographer and then increase the quality of the video with the help of the effects. Unfortunately, that’s close to impossible. If you want top-notch content, you should hire an excellent professional from the onset.

Type of event

For instance, wedding videographer costs should be cheaper than video production costs for a documentary. In the former case, the cameraman needs to film many beautiful scenes — but it’s emotions and not the plot that matters. In the latter case, the videographer needs to take into account many more details. They should detect the main conflicts, add a bit of drama and try many more angles.

Day & Season

The average videographer salary in the UK increases in summer, because it’s considered high season, and on weekends. To reduce your expenses, you might want to reschedule your event. This will enable you to save not only on the videographer but on other aspects as well: renting a venue, hiring musicians and decorators, and so on.

Some videographers might offer discounts if you book them a few months in advance. If you need their help urgently when they’re busy, you might need to pay more than usual. In some situations, the cameraman might postpone working on the video that they’re editing and film your event. In this case, you’ll need to wait until they finish editing that previous content, and only then, they’ll edit yours.

Hopefully, this article came in handy and now you know what a videographer in the UK does. To those who have never used the services of such professionals, videographer prices might seem a bit too high at first. Yet these expenses are fully justified! You’ll get a beautiful, colorful and dynamic video that will be masterfully edited. This will be the best way to save your fabulous memories about the occasion.

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