Wanna play safe with PUBG? Let these hacks help you

PUBG, an acronym for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corporation, an online game developer positioned in Seoul, South Korea. PUBG is by far one of the most engaging and addictive games played worldwide.

Its 60 million copies have been generated and sold. The count of players playing this game on a daily basis exceeds 85 million. In March 2020, when the entire world witnessed its first lockdown, PUBG mobile earned a revenue of $270 million a month.

PUBG is a game of survival. Players are dropped from choppers on a deserted, abandoned island in groups of 4, 2, and also as individual players. They are required to collect items of weaponry viz. guns, grenades, etc. as well as a bunch of other equipment such as first-aid kits and backpacks. These appliances are employed by the players to fight the opponents, to accomplish the mission of surviving till the end of the game. Thus, the person who survives till the end wins the game.

As the zeal for this game continues to increase among the players worldwide, they are all looking for some PUBG cheat codes and hacks to battle out the increasing competition. So, here comes a few hacks to your rescue:

  1. PUBG Wallhack

This feature enables you to see through the walls to spot enemies, arms, ammunition, or any other material, without letting your opponent get a hint.

To implement this hack, one partner from your group is required to push you against a wall. Go charge straight towards the wall, sit down and ask your squad member to push you. This trick can only be performed in the school spot.

  1. Smoke cloud

This hack is useful in distracting the enemy’s mind. For implementing this, find your way to the rooftop of the building. Hold on to the smoke grenade for 7 seconds. Jump off the rooftop when just 1 second is left before the grenade bursts.

  1. Fast landing

This hack might help you stay alive in this game till the very end. If you land on the island faster, it buys you more time to collect weapons and equipment. For this, tilt the angle of your camera downwards while you land. This boosts your speed, helping you land faster.

  1. Entering and exiting through the car window

This trick helps you invade a house without leaving the car and without letting your opponents get a hint of you being there. For executing this hack, you begin with parking the car alongside the window to spot the exit sign. Make certain you depart from that seat of the car which is next to the window. This helps you directly enter the house.

  1. Blasting gas can in the water

This hack helps you blast the gas can in the water and attack your enemies present underwater. For doing this, hide the gas can underwater. As soon as you spot an opponent approaching the gas can throw the frag grenade towards him. It will explode in 2-3 seconds.

  1. Maintaining a low profile and keeping an eye on the surroundings

This one is an important hack. Strategize your movements, so that spotting you is tough. Take your cover under the ridgelines while making your way through the high ground.

You can also move in a random fashion in the open to avoid getting targeted easily. Keep inspecting your surroundings thoroughly before making any moves to steer clear of any surprise attacks.

  1. Finding suppressors

Suppressors play an important role while you aim at your target. Try to look for them on your maps during the last stages of your game. Shooting with the help of a suppressor helps you maintain your position, thus enabling you to aim precisely for longer periods of time.

  1. Keeping the microphone on only for your squad members

Always keep your microphone switched on so that only your teammates can selectively hear you. You can also keep it switched off if your teammates are not communicating with you. But don’t switch to “all mic”, or else your opponents might overhear your conversations and locate your positions.

Over to you…

Implementing these hacks can go a long way for you to survive longer in the game and enjoy victory in most matches. After all, who wouldn’t want to grab the Winner Winner-Chicken Dinner!

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