Ways Social Media Can Boost SEO

If there is one very consistent and current debate online, it’s the influence that social signals have on the search rankings of a website. The biggest argument out there is that social media marketing does not actually have an impact on your SEO – and that argument would be incorrect. Social media marketing has a huge impact on many different aspects of your business, and one area it can actually help is with a clear SEO boost. Not only does social media marketing influence things like traffic and rankings.

When you use companies like AAM Consultants, you are choosing to use a business that can show you exactly how using social media marketing will boost your SEO. Below, we’ve put together five great ways that you can expect your SEO to be influenced as a direct result of your social media marketing plan.

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Driving Traffic

We all know that one of the best reasons to use social media is to be seen. Everyone who’s anyone is on social media, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other of the many websites out there. Your website traffic is always going to be one of the most significant ranking factors that your business has, and social media can push and influence your site traffic by ensuring that more visibility is delivered for your content. There are numerous users out there that can share your content across their social media pages, and if you manage to get an influence in your industry to do it, people will be inclined to flood your website, boosting your rankings massively. Sharing content has a direct influence on your visibility, too, as the more people go to your site, the higher it ranks!

Better To See You With, My Dear!

One of the ideas behind SEO is to get your brand recognized and seen online. When you use social media, the increase to brand recognition changes everything. It’s not the same thing as the likes you get across your social media pages as those are just pieces of a popularity contest from your followers and fans. Brand recognition is the ability for your business to be identified easily. You would recognize the purple color that’s a signature to the Cadbury brand in the same way you’d see the Coca-Cola Father Christmas truck and know that “holidays are coming”. 

You want your brand to be as recognized in this way, and you want to ensure that your social media profiles are the perfect platforms for your brand to thrive. Through backlinks and reviews, you can be easily identified and you want this to be the case with your brand. If someone is identifiable on social media, the link can go viral – you can allow your brand to go viral, too.

Search Engine Rankings Go Up

Social media profiles often rank higher on search engines. Social shares may not be the thing that impacts the disposition of your web page, but your social profile can. Those search engines will recognize your name and throw up your social media pages alongside your website. It’s a great way to get your personality in front of your audience’s eyes! Social media profiles always pop up first when people are searching for your business, and it’s these pages that give your business more of a personality. If you can do that, you’re going to be more human to your audience, and you want this to happen so that people can better relate to you as a company.

Drumming Up The Locals

Did you know that the most important trio that your business has is your name, your address, and your phone number? With these three things in circulation, you’re going to be able to be consistently visible online. Google will find that your business is far more credible if these three things are written across all of your social media pages. This can also help you to find more customers closer to your business location. You can geotag your information so that Google and other search engines can pick it up, too.

Use As A Search Engine

Most social media channels aren’t just places to catch up. They’re places that you can search and discover, and your audience knows it. They will search for your business and if you’re not on the right social media channels, you will go down in their estimation pretty much right away. If your business works to expand its SEO concept to include social search engines, you’re going to attract more customers and be more visible online.


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