3 Eccentric Web Design Factors that can Work Big for Shopping Portals

Web design is very important for businesses as it is the medium through which they can showcase their product and services to the entire world. There are chances that if the businesses cannot come up with a great design and features that can attract visitors, you won’t be able to get their business moving. And this can be tragic, especially for small businesses and startups, which rely on their websites to make a mark for themselves in the marketplace.

That’s where web design’s importance comes into play as any company can get their target market’s attention with an integrated campaign. If you are looking for a web designer in Telford? Try ALT Agency. They have years of experience and can help you in everything

Starting a successful business in a big metropolitan city like Dubai can be difficult, to say the least. With tough competition and a hostile marketplace, things can be difficult for any new player. That’s where web design’s importance comes into play as any company can get their target market’s attention with an integrated campaign. And a website can work for them big time.

Businesses need to be extra careful when they are looking to incorporate a new design on their portal. Even if they are changing something in the current design, this can have a long-lasting impact on how they perceive their website. And this is an important aspect to look forward to because perception is everything. On the Internet, you need to portray the right image to be successful, and with our website, you need to be really cautious.

Apart from all the obvious web pages on the websites like the home page, landing page, and product pages, you need to consider some offbeat factors. Let me describe three of them in detail to apply them and have a competitive edge in the market.

  1. Tile-Based Designs 

Several types of designs are used on websites, but not everyone can suit all industries. The nature of your product or services is one reason you need to select your website’s design after great care. Imagine yourself as a visitor of your website and then think of what you would like to see as the website’s design for your product/service.

Tile-based designs are getting momentum, but they are nothing new when it comes to web design. If you have seen a Windows phone or the Windows Operating System’s home screen, you will get to my point very easily. Tile-based designs offer great features for websites, especially if they are e-commerce based or have extensive product pages.

The best feature of the tile-based design is that it seamlessly organizes a website so that any person looking at it can find the information easily. This is a very important sector as I would like to offer some more information about it in the subsequent paragraphs. This feature is best for arranging pictures and videos in a format so that everything falls in place. So, why are such designs important? It is mainly because of the navigation factor that I would like to describe in detail now.

  1. Sticky Navigation 

You may have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars on your website and have come up with a great home page. But when it comes to navigation, your website doesn’t offer the best support to your visitors. So, despite having a great design, your website will likely be a sore sight to the visitors as they will look frantically from one corner to another to find the information.

The design of your website, and particularly the individual pages, maybe the culprit here. Web pages that are too long in length and have relevant and scattered information throughout will not hold the attention of the visitors for long. Scrolling up and down to find information and completely read a particular section would be an exercise that not many of your visitors would want to indulge in.

That’s the reason why you must give yourself every chance to succeed by making the navigation stand out. Help your visitors by giving them the highlights about what’s available at a particular age and then make them find the information without any hassle. If you find it hard, then a reputed web design Dubai company can help you out with this concern.

  1. Advanced Search Options 

The logical extension to the previous point as navigation can never be easy if search options do not aid it. In browsing through an extensive website, a visitor can easily get lost amidst all the information around him. Such visitors can become frustrated to the point that they leave the website for good and never come back. Offering them advanced search options is the remedy here to make them stay on the website.

Anyone can find information by typing the exact product on a shopping portal. But suppose you will offer your visitors advanced options, for example, a filter that they can use to get the precise product in a few seconds. In that case, this will be perfect for them. Not everyone likes to spend his time and energy going through the search options again and again.

Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

Advanced Search Options for Making Navigation Easy

Suppose that you are running an apparel store and there is a visitor on your website looking for a red jacket, medium size, and within the range of 100-150 dollars. You may argue that anyone can find such information through any search option for the purpose of using the advanced search. Through advanced search, you can offer that visitor a chance to find a red-colored jacket of medium size in various designs. In this way, your visitor will go through several designs and select a jacket over the 150-dollar range he set previously.

The above-mentioned advanced search option can be a boon for most companies as they can offer their visitors the to search their entire catalog without searching endlessly throughout their website. This can translate into good business for the website as the visitors may choose a product above the price they have set before.

Over to you  

There are several ways in which you can make your web design right. The above three are just a few of them that you can incorporate into your design for great results. If you want to add your bit here or ask a question, you are welcome. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


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