Wedding Anniversary Flowers: a Quick Guide

A wedding anniversary is an important day in the life of any couple because on this day their family officially appeared. Of course, such a day cannot be complete without a celebration decorated with flowers. MyFlowers florists will tell you which bouquet is best to give for each wedding anniversary.

Bouquets for the First 10 years

Every year of marriage is special. Over time, feelings grow stronger. In the first year, the relationship between spouses can be compared to light sparkling champagne, but when they live together for several decades, their feelings become like a good high-quality and time-tested wine. 

The same can be said about an anniversary gift flower. Each date corresponds to a specific plant. We offer you several recommendations to help you choose the right bouquet.

One of the most important dates in any marriage is the first anniversary of family life. It is the first days, weeks, and months that are most vividly remembered for life. A couple crossed the threshold in one year, which means husband and wife passed their first tests. That’s why they are given chintz or linen on this day as a symbol of strengthened relationships built on sincere love. Florists recommend bouquets of simple and delicate flowers. For example, daisies or lilies of the valley. A great option is wildflowers. 

Five years of marriage is also a kind of “milestone”. Many psychologists say that the most difficult for most spouses is the first years. A wooden anniversary is, one might say, the first serious date from the wedding day. The heroes of the occasion will no doubt appreciate happy anniversary flowers in the form of a bouquet of peonies. Since ancient times, this plant has symbolised wealth and respect. Bright, fragrant peony inflorescences will create an atmosphere of real celebration. Just the appearance of these gorgeous flowers reminds you of the holiday. 

Another gift option for anniversaries is a bouquet of tulips. These flowers symbolise tender and romantic feelings that are not afraid of the test of time. A wonderful surprise will be exquisite bouquets of white tulips or perhaps cheerful bright yellow tulips. A positive and very nice gift!

Ten years of marriage is a pink wedding. The very name of the anniversary speaks about what flowers for wedding anniversaries should be given to please the spouses. People who have lived together for ten years deserve to receive a beautiful bouquet or basket of pink plants as a gift. A husband can surprise his beloved wife with a luxurious gift of 101 roses. By the way, at MyFlowers you can order delivery of bouquets of roses of any colour, for example, scarlet, pink, or white.

Bouquets for Round Dates

The twentieth anniversary of the beginning of family life is called a porcelain wedding. On this day, people who were able to retain the warmest feelings in their souls are honoured. They shared joys and problems in half and raised children together. And now children have a wonderful opportunity to thank mom and dad and give them a bouquet of elegant orchids, which, by the way, are a symbol of purity and peace.

25 years is a silver wedding. On this day, according to tradition, spouses exchange silver rings as a sign of love and fidelity. The husband also presents his wife with a special flower for anniversary. It can be a bouquet of white roses or lilies, as a confession of undying and tremulous feelings.

A thirtieth anniversary is a pearl wedding and a ruby wedding is a fortieth anniversary. For such significant dates, florists recommend choosing rare and noble flowers, for example, callas. Give the celebrants an elegant bouquet of calla lilies with wishes of good health and prosperity.

The golden wedding, the fiftieth anniversary of marriage, is a date that is usually celebrated in a particularly solemn atmosphere. You should give chic flowers for anniversary years. Big bouquets are exactly the kind of attention that golden anniversaries deserve, who have gone through a long life together hand in hand.

Let your respect and admiration for spouses be emphasised by a huge armful of peony roses, red or golden. Such a composition will most likely need to be placed in a basket or hat box because it is unlikely to fit into any vase.For each wedding anniversary, choose a special bouquet and gift. But, most importantly, your congratulations should be warm and sincere. If you want to congratulate your wife or relative on her special day but do not have the opportunity to do it in person, use the anniversary flowers delivery in London by following the link. The flowers you choose will be delivered to the recipient exactly on time at the specified address. Don’t forget to include a card or note with kind and warm words.

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