What are Google Images? And how to use them?

Google has introduced a new service called Google Images. With this new image search tool, users can now access thousands of high-quality images from several popular online image hosting websites, including Google Images, Facebook, Bing Images, and so on. Aside from, it allows users to instantly download high-quality pictures, wallpapers, and other great files from the internet. This is just one among the exciting new services provided by Google Images.

One of the things that I like best about Google Images is the fact that you can customize everything. For example, you can set the image transparency, aspect ratio, and other image-related options. And because I am a fan of chrome, I especially like the neat functionality given to me by Google Chrome. So, if you use Google images regularly, you would definitely appreciate the new features I am talking about. However, in order to take full advantage of the features that Google images offers, you will definitely need to have a Google chrome version installed on your system. To do this, follow these simple steps.

Download images from Google

Google Image search allows you to search for a picture by keyword or category. Just type in keywords like “Google images” or “Google photo search” to find many pictures in your area. And when you find one that you want, simply click on the downloaded file.

Control how you want the pictures to load: Once you’ve found the images you want; you will then see the Download button. If you want all the pictures loaded at once, you can click on the Download all button. However, if you want to be able to see all the pictures in the order that they appeared on your web page, you can just click on the Slideshow button. You can change the order by clicking on the arrow next to the Slideshow button.

Use the bulk image downloader

You may also use the bulk image downloader incase if you want to download all images at once. This is available as an addon. When you install the addon, you will see a little drop-down box with a Submit button and a URL input box. Copy and paste the URL of one of the pictures you want to load into the appropriate field and submit the field. You are now ready to start downloading images. Apart from this addon, you can use online bulk image downloader tools to perform the same operation without installing anything.

Why You Should Buy Bulk Image Downloader (Free Versions are Limited)

You will notice that the free version of various software does not allow downloading thousands and hundreds of images and google photos. The free version of the app will not allow your browser to simulate any more than 2 downloads of Google Photo, so you would not be able to download more than 100 images at a time.

ImgDownloader does have a free version, but if you wish to enjoy all its features, you can purchase the full version to remove the limitations for an affordable price. Check pricing here.


In this article, we have looked at how to use Google images to create fantastic, professional looking images. Using the search box to find the right picture is very easy and you don’t even need to sign up on Google to be able to do it.

Another great thing about using the free Google images is that it’s easy to use. Even a beginner will find it easy to browse through the various images found in the search term they have chosen. All you have to do is to click on the download button found on each image and follow the instructions.

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