What are the Uses of Weighing Scales?

weighing scales

When you hear “weighing scale,” the first thing that will surely come to mind is that square thing that you use at home to track your weight. Well, for some, they’d think of the mechanical scale that is mostly seen in markets, otherwise known as a dial bench scale.

Weighing scales come in different forms, capacities, shapes and sizes. Some are analog while others are digital. Some come with platforms while others are hanged. Some are portable while others are mounted. Some can carry up to 5 kilograms only while others can weigh shipping containers or even bigger.

Indeed, weighing scales can be used in different industries. The varying types of scales used in different fields also define their application.

What are the Uses of Weighing Scales?

Here are the top 10 uses of weighing scales:

1.   Residential

Generally, weighing scales at home are used for weight monitoring and some use them in the kitchen. If you are conscious about your weight, you might have both kitchen and bathroom scales.

Kitchen scales are typically used to measure ingredients for better food proportion. Others also use them to ensure that they get the right amount of food nutrients and calories.

2.   Retail and Commerce

One of the most prevalent uses of a weighing scale is in commerce. Many retail businesses rely immensely on the use of weighing scales. Whether you are selling dry goods or raw ingredients, having a weighing scale can make your everyday business easier.

While some sellers are comfortable using their analog scales, many retail stores have shifted to digital scales since they offer a more reliable and accurate reading. The use of quality commercial weighing scales offers to ensure that consumers get value for their money.

3.   Food and Beverage

Over the years, many restaurants and other hospitality industries have seen the importance of weighing scales in their businesses. Similar to the use of residential kitchen scales, most restaurants, pastry shops and cafes depend vastly on the use of kitchen scales.

It helps these hospitality establishments ensure consistency in taste, quality and quantity with the food and beverage they serve. In some instances, these businesses also offer raw ingredients to their customers. For example, some cafes now sell whole or ground coffee beans. So, having a reliable scale that can also print receipts can be very helpful.

4.   Hospital and Medical

The hospital and medical industry is probably one of the many industries that use weighing scales in various ways. From getting a patient’s weight to mortuary use, weighing scales play a very important role.

You may find it funny but the moment you were born, you were initially placed on a baby scale to get your weight. And when people reach the end of the line, their organs will be weighed on a swab scale during autopsy.

Other hospital and medical uses of scales include getting measurements of medicines, solutions and specimens. In intricate surgical procedures, donated organs are being weighed before the transplant. It is an important factor that contributes to the compatibility of the organ and the recipient.

Another useful type of scale in hospitals is the bed weighing scale. They are attached to hospital beds of patients who have difficulty getting up. A bed weighing scale offers convenience, comfort and precision.

5.   Scientific Research

Similarly, weighing scales also play a vital part in scientific research. It helps scientists and researchers get accurate data for more reliable and efficient studies.

6.   Pharmaceutical

Another important use of weighing scales is in pharmaceutical companies. It is very essential to manufacture medicines, compounds and solutions with the exact amount of ingredients. Even the slightest change in the weight of ingredients and chemical components may cause adverse effects on consumers.

7.   Agricultural

Farms, ranches and other agricultural ventures also rely hugely on weighing scales. From the feeds they use to the crops they harvest, weighing scales are very helpful. Many agricultural businesses use platform or floor scales in their everyday undertaking.

Farmers need to make sure that the right amount of fertilisers is used for the crops. During the harvest, they also need accurate data on the quantity, volume and weight of their produce.

Cattle and livestock business owners also use weighing scales to ensure that the animals get enough food and nutrients. They also weigh these animals to ensure that they are healthy and will be ready for the sale day.

8.   Industrial

Weighing scales used for industrial purposes can either be floor scales or crane scales. Generally, industrial scales are designed to withstand heavy and big loads, especially if you are using crane scales.

If you are building a bridge or a building, weighing scales help ensure that you use the right amount and size of materials. Using less than what is indicated in the blueprint may warrant them to collapse. Thus, it is imperative that even a slight variance in weight should be corrected.

It also helps to use quality and accurately calibrated weighing scales for industrial use.

9.   Logistics and Shipping Industry

Have you tried sending a package to your loved ones abroad? Or perhaps received one?

Weighing scales are widely used in the logistics and shipping industries.

Couriers make sure that the package or parcel’s weight is measured correctly. This is to ensure that the shipping price is correct. The weight of the package is vital to ensure that shipping vessels do not incur over freightage problems which may cause untoward incidents.

10.        Travel and Tours

If you are travelling via aeroplane or vessel chartering, notice that your luggage is weighed during check-in. Similar to logistics and shipping agencies, the weight or freight these vessels carry should be within limits.

Let’s say, you are boarding a plane licensed to have a takeoff weight of 80,000 kilograms. This includes the structural weight of the plane of 41,000 kilograms plus the fuel weight of about 18,000 kilograms.

That leaves about 20,000 kilograms for the crew, passengers, luggage and other cargoes. Thus, it is essential to weigh the baggage of passengers to ensure that the plane can get to your destination safe and sound. This is also the reason why travel companies set specific luggage weight limits for every passenger.

These are just ten uses of weighing scales. If you explore the world around you, you will be surprised to find out that weighing scales are used everywhere you go. In saloons, automobile shops, textile companies and so much more.

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