What happened In An Ayurvedic Consultation?

Clients who have chosen an ayurvedic consultation in Sunshine Coast schedule should be prepared to share and discuss many topics throughout their overall lifespan. Understanding your guilt is the first step to starting the discussion. When you meet an Ayurvedic counsellor, be prepared to talk about yourself. Because Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of your life, a trained physician will not only examine your body but also take a broad personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, occupation and work conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health.


When receiving your initial advice, be prepared to spend about an hour with practice. Ayurvedic counselling involves a thorough examination of your body through which the counsellor can know you. It examines essential areas of the body and their effectiveness that reveal the balance and imbalance of your body.

What to expect in your first visit to an Ayurvedic Consultation?

A consultation session with an Ayurvedic doctor in Australia lists the symptoms and goes beyond a prescription scribbling. Consider as a base and examine all the parameters of your life to identify the leak that has been spent on your health.


This thorough process of noting the minute details helps the practitioner identify the root causes of your problem, imbalance in your body as well as accordingly determine a personalised treatment plan suitable for you.

Detailed Process Of Ayurvedic Examination

Observation- Philosophy means meeting the patient in person. The doctor checks the physical qualities of your health (weight, body mass, skin structure, eye colour, body movements, etc.), which gives a clear idea about your overall constitution. From posture to walking, everything in the eyes and mannerisms refers to an essential aspect of your health.

Touch- The second is the touch test, in which the practitioner examines the pulse, pulp, the sounds of the limbs and presses certain parts of the body to measure pain or other complaints. Ayurvedic doctors also check the tongue, nails, and sentences. Depending on the observations, the doctor may also recommend laboratory tests for more information.

Questions- This is the third and most important part of the consultation. Questions or doctor-patient communication are essential for better judgment and treatment. Physicians search depending on different aspects and answers in your life; medications and lifestyle supplements may be suggested.

Unlike general healthcare practices where healthcare providers diagnose a disease based on symptoms and test reports and provide the same treatment to each other, Ayurvedic healing methods may differ for different individuals. Ayurveda recognises that each person is unique, and their uniqueness should be considered when dealing with a disease or disorder. Based on the Ayurvedic treatment philosophy, the physician identifies the patient’s fundamental imbalance.

Ending Thoughts

Once this is determined, practitioners mostly know how the flow goes in favour of the individual. Sunshine Ayurveda is an authentic Ayurveda centre in Australia. You can book an ayurvedic consultation online. Some more personalised details from the patient help him create a customised treatment plan that is most appropriate for the patient. Medications, dosage, timing are determined to provide maximum benefit and minimal or zero side effects.






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