What happens if you put Petrol in diesel car? Wrong Fuel Recovery Guide

Car is a valuable asset for any person, but sometimes due to random reasons, we fail to take care of this luxury property. Filling your car with the wrong fuel such as petrol in diesel cars is the most common mistake often witnessed. Before searching for the mechanism to fix it, we will provide a few interesting facts that you need to know to learn more about this unpleasant happening.

What happens to your car engine if you feed it with some wrong fuel?

The fuel injection system of your car may get seriously damaged as a result of misfuelling. Decrease in lubrication results in knocking and friction that ultimately leaves your car engine good for nothing. The magnitude of the destruction is directly proportional to the amount of petrol put through the diesel engine.

If by accident you face the problem of the wrong fuel in car, it is absolutely not recommended to handle it by yourself because you are not an expert. Try using these 3 important tips that you need to follow urgently.

  • Don’t start the car engine.
  • If you have already started the car engine, turn it off and stop the car safely.
  • Contact some fuel fixer service that deals with wrong fuel such as Petrol in diesel car or Diesel in petrol car.

Know how a Fuel Drain Specialist will help you!

Fuel fixing experts offer professional services regarding the settlement of the whole adversity. They pass your car through a series of stages and extract the wrong fuel completely out of it reversing its efficiency back to functional and first-class.

☑️ The trained mechanics extract the wrong fuel from the tank (drainage)

☑️ Fuel Fixer Experts are highly trained employees that conduct a thorough examination of your car engine and repair all the damage without causing any complications

☑️ The restart procedure restores your car condition and efficiency

If the damage exceeds a certain limit, you may have to pay for new pipes, injectors, fuel tank, pumps, or filters. In severe cases, replacement of the engine has to be done in order to keep your car operative.

Want to minimize the risk of wrong fuel filling? Consider this!

If you don’t want to suffer from this financial pain, you need to follow a few things. These simple measures have been proved quite effective and they will protect you from facing this torture in future:

  • Pay attention while the fuel is being filled. This is the very basic as well as the only tip that minimizes the risk of loss by 100%.


  • Attach a cap to the diesel fuel neck. In this way, nozzles of other fuels such as petrol won’t fit this particular cap particularly designed for diesel engine.

If you are interested in learning more about wrong fuel, its effects, and remediation, check out the professional fuel fixing services available 24/7 to fix all types of misfuelling in all types of cars. Just make a call and the mobile services will get you anywhere in the UK.

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