How To

What is a diesel generator? What are its working functions?

The diesel generator is equipment whose use is indicated for applications that require greater power and for continuous operation. It changes the fuel into electrical energy, through the burning of diesel.

This type of fuel, compared to others like gasoline, for example, burns at a higher temperature, therefore more efficient and guarantees more power for the generator. Diesel generators require regular maintenance to function properly.  They are the ideal generators for the industrial field as they offer greater durability and are capable of operating for long periods of work autonomously.

This series of industrial diesel generators covers a wide range of powers that go from 30-1500 kVA, being able to operate in a continuous regime. The solid construction, the result of the research of our Research and Development department, was built to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as dust, sand, temperature variations, heavy rain, and snow.

In general, how does a diesel generator work?

This equipment carries out circular movements through the electromagnetic system, which allows the diesel to be converted into electricity very quickly and easily. The generator that works with this type of fuel burns it at a very high temperature, which makes the power and its working capacity much higher, compared to the equipment that uses another type of fuel, such as gasoline.

  • First, the air is blown into the generator until it is compressed;
  • Subsequently, the diesel is injected;
  • The combination of these two processes, the compression of the air and, subsequently, the injection of the fuel will contribute to generating the (intense) heat that triggers the ignition of the fuel. In this way, it goes into combustion and makes the generator go into operation.
  • Along these lines, the generator starts to create the electrical energy important to be conveyed by the requirements of the hardware associated with it or the premises/space that it will supply.

It should be noted that diesel generators can have fairly wide use since they can be connected for hours, weeks, or simply, until the main power returns. To do this, you must ensure that it is adequately stocked so that it can fulfill its role.

Since this type of generator is in operation for longer periods, it necessarily involves regular maintenance, so that you can verify that all components are in full operation.

It is important to pay special attention to the generator motor, to carry out its maintenance and its lubrication since it will work uninterruptedly for hours, and it needs this care to maintain its efficiency.

Diesel is additionally fascinating, as it is a fuel that guarantees better execution, which is critical, in these cases, where effectiveness is a necessity. It will be the diesel that will be liable for driving the generator, hence starting the ignition of the fuel.

This action makes the central shaft move, making the mechanical energy become electrical , with the help of the alternator, putting the diesel generator in operation.

Why should you buy a diesel generator?

  • You have your residence or place of work in an area away from the main electricity flow and there are possibilities of running out of supply.
  • High performances: You need a generator that offers great capacities of power and use.
  • Additional energy situations: You require additional power for a short period of time and it is not possible or profitable to increase your supply capacity.
  • Mobility: You do not need a mobile generator since it will be at a fixed point.
  • Electrical maintenance periods: You need to supply those specific power grid cuts in your private or professional home.
  • Preventive management: You want to have it in case there is any problem due to a network failure.
  • Attributes: Some diesel generators, especially the watertight ones. They have several configurations planned depending on the client’s needs. We can find standard models, bodywork, with automatic starter and automatic bodywork.

If the generator is being used as the primary source of power, in instances where you demand higher power, you can connect several small units of diesel generator parallel to each other to get better energy.

What maintenance do they require?

Diesel generators require cautious routine upkeep at normal stretches. This relies upon the maker, however, the main thing to be overhauled commonly is the motor. Motors regularly require adjusting following the usage of 250 or 500 hours, however, the assistance stretch is characterized by the manufacturer.

On routine service checkups, you must change the air filter, fuel filter, and oil filter. You also need to replace the oil in some parts of the belts namely the charging alternator belt and the radiator fan belt. To get quality service from the generator it is essential to make quality checks from time to time to maintain your generator.