What Is A Funnel Builder?

If you have been in a business for a long time, you must have heard about using a sales funnel instead of a website. People these days are more focused on this idea as compared to the past five years.

Do you want to know what sales funnels are? Or what is a funnel builder? Why funnel builders are used, and what are their benefits? Keep reading because, in this blog, we’ve come up with plenty of helpful information related to sales funnels.

1. What is a Sales Funnel?

You can describe the sales funnel as a stairway that has plenty of steps and each step leads the person from audience to customer. It is the entire selling process, from attention to interest and purchase from your business.

Let us explain more about the sales funnel with the help of a restaurant example. Initially, people walk past the restaurant, smelling that inviting delicious food aroma. It is the first step called attention. Secondly, the people walk in and learn what kind of food they are offering by looking through the menu; This step is awareness. When they get interested in the menu and reach the interest stage, they purchase a lovely and delicious meal for themselves. Pretty simple! Right.

So similarly, Sales Funnel enables your targeted audience to pass from a particular process which leads them from prospects to customers or clients.

1.1 Why Sales Funnels Are Prioritized Over Traditional Websites?

Sales funnels are crafted with a unique pattern with no attention-diverting elements and plenty of call to action. In this process, the user knows where to move and what to do. Unlike the website’s several pages, blog, and other things, the sales funnel is a crystal clear process specifically used to improve sales and generate more revenue. Any business, whether an E-commerce store or a cupcake delivery service, can have a sales funnel.

2. Why is a Sales Funnel Important?

If you want to customize your entire buying process from brand awareness to conversion, a sales funnel is a must-have. It helps you to adjust your marketing techniques and analyze the performance of your product.

Suppose you have an E-commerce website and you notice that the cart abandonment rate is relatively high, and only 3% of website visitors will purchase your products. This shocking low statistic proves that it’s necessary to optimize your buying process.

For this purpose, you will need to craft a sales funnel to convert visitors into customers. Tools and resources in sales funnel builder help you identify problems and obstacles in selling and different options to make the process better, such as A/B testing. Moreover, with the help of a funnel builder, you can make a unique and appealing online presence compared to your competitors and attract your target audience. Also, it will provide outstanding support in identifying the challenges your customers face and help you resolve them, and establish a happy customer base.

2.1 Happy Customers Lead To:

  • Greater customer lifetime value as they believe in your products and services.
  • An accurate and confident online reputation and more chances of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Supremacy against your competitors in customer experience.
  • Higher sales and less abandonment due to satisfied customers.
  • Customer loyalty and appreciation help you in gaining new and happy clients.

Collectively, a sales funnel will give you a personalized system to deliver a fantastic customer experience that is highly responsive to your target audience. However, all this would not be possible without a funnel builder

3. When Should You Opt For A Sales Funnel Builder?

If you are new to sales funnels building, we recommend you go for sales funnels builder or software such as GrooveFunnels. It allows you to save more on your budget by eliminating the expense of a web developer or marketer. Funnel builders are all in one solution, but identifying and choosing the best software is tiresome work. To determine the excellent tool, you’ll need to see what they are offering and find out what feature you need the most or any specific requirement. For instance, you’ll need to find the software that caters to your webinar needs in webinars. Moreover, if you have already subscribed to different tools, you may also check their costs and compare them with the software that has all of them.

For your ease, here is a list of the funnel-building software known as the best for all kinds and sizes of business.

3.1. 10 Best Sales Funnel Software 2021

  1. GetResponse – All-in-one tool
  2. Keap – Lots of options
  3. Kartra – Excellent for agencies
  4. ClickFunnels – Extensive contacts
  5. Thrive Suite – Affordable option
  6. Leadpages – Settle unlimited leads
  7. Kajabi – Exceptional for small businesses
  8. Landingi – Great landing pages themes
  9. Wishpond – Nice and easy templates
  10. Instapage – Sophisticated split testing

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