What Is a High EMF Reading?

Some radiation in the home is powerful enough to damage an individual’s genetic material. You read that right.

Some of the devices and technology in our homes emit radiation at levels that could be damaging. In order to know which products are dangerous to you, you have to get an EMF detector to read EMF levels. Understanding those readings is a challenge in some cases.

We’re going to take a look at EMF levels today, answering the question “what is a high EMF reading?” Hopefully, the ideas below can help you protect yourself and your family from radiation damage.

Let’s get started.

What Is a High EMF Reading?

To better understand how electromagnetic field levels get measured, you need to look at them in three different ways.

There’s the level of the magnetic field, measured in terms of “milliGauss.”  Next, there are the volts per meter of the electric field. Finally, some devices rate the radiation in terms of radiofrequency.

If your device operates in mG (milliGauss), you want a level below 1. Most readings in home environments fall somewhere around .4 or .5 mG. The Bioinitiaitve report, created by 14 scientists, suggests that levels about 1 mG are unsafe in the home.

Electric field readers operate in terms of Volts per meter and they read for slightly different data than mG devices do. Your electric field shouldn’t have more than 10 volts per meter.

Anything above that is considered excessive and potentially dangerous. Ideally, you’ll have voltage below 1 volt per meter. As you increase, the level of concern increases proportionally.

Anything more than 40 or 50 V/m is cause for extreme concern and warrants professional help.

Finally, radio frequency readings are produced in terms of milliWatt per square meter. If your device reads out anything over 1 milliWatt per square meter, you have cause for concern.

Radio frequencies are some of the most damaging and most pervasive in Western society. These are the frequencies that emerge from our phones, WiFi routers, and computers. The same is true of cell phone towers which could be the cause of high levels in your home.

Should I Get an EMF Detector?

If you’re concerned about radiation in your home, it’s smart to get an EMF detector. Further, you can explore to learn more about different ways that you can keep yourself safe.

It never hurts to know whether or not you and your family are in danger. There are so many new devices and technological advancements shuffling through our doors that it’s hard to know what invisible dangers they carry.

The best way to know for sure is to have a reader for the respective frequencies addressed above.

Want to Learn More About Staying Safe?

So, what is a high EMF reading? It’s any reading across different frequencies that is high enough to cause genetic damage. Most houses are in good condition, but it doesn’t take much for radiation to spike.

We’re here to help you learn more about staying safe in the home. Explore our site for more ideas on the effects of high EMF, lifestyle tips, health, wellness, and much more.

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