What is a McLovin driver’s license?

mclovin driver's license

All of us love watching movies. We are aware of the fact that some movies make a lasting impression on us. We will talk about the McLovin driver’s license here. Superbad was the best teen film ever made. If you are not familiar with the McLovin driver’s license, brace yourself because today we will reveal all of the necessary information about the McLovin IDcardcard that will end all of your curiosity.

Superbad movie best scene – The McLovin ID Scene

Superbad was the biggest hit in 2007 and it gained massive fame. According to some research, it has 7.6 ratings on IMDB. This is a great movie for people who love watching teen comedies, and the most famous scene we are going to talk about is Mclovin’s ID scene.

Several comedy scenes are included in this movie, but if you only want to watch one, in particular, you can search it on YouTube by entering the McLovin number in the search bar.

It may seem strange that this scene has gained such popularity, but why? The scene begins when Fogell is sent to get booze for a house party, and his friend is waiting outside. Fogell shows his id card, and that is the fake Mclovin card.

The thing we can observe here is that while giving the ID to the employee, Fogel, he was acting cool. Because of his calm behavior, he was able to get drinks. While waiting outside, his friends were distracted by an attractive girl. During that time, a thief struck Fogell and fled, taking all the cash from his store. When police arrived, Fogell awoke to the police questioning him about what happened and he is also a hero.


It captures the attention of the audience because, although the card is fake, it has been able to pass the test and get bottles. such a feat would never be possible in real life. Superbad fans have managed to extract the detailed information from the card, and they are now able to fabricate this card using the same details as depicted in it. The card has some basic details that every license has, as shown in the film. 

ID Name: McLovin

ID Address: 892 Momona St

ID City: Honolulu

ID State: Hawaii

Driver’s License Number: 01-47-87441

Date of Birth: 06/03/1981

Expiry Date: 06/03/2008

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sex: Male

Issue Date: 06/18/1998

Class: 3                                                                                                                                          

Taking a look at the McLovin license we can see the movie’s intention was not to accurately depict the world or to be realistic. For instance, the age of the boy on the card is 16 and the number 25 is on the card, which makes it obvious that the picture is a fake. The picture is centered off and the background is completely different. Mclovin does not have a first name, and his last name is in all caps. These blunders indicate that it was an entirely fake ID set up for fun. but crazy fans made their replica of McLovin’s fake driver’s license.

According to reports, a teenager was successful in getting the beverage by using McLovin’s ID Card; however, he was soon arrested. In the real world, all these things are dependent on luck, and so you can’t just go for it with a poorly generated fake ID. You have to be careful when you buy one. Life is not a movie so always remember to focus on what you are doing and not get involved in problems.

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