What is a Sourcing Agent and Why Need to Work with a Sourcing Agent?

China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and other countries have cheap manufacturing costs, thus many international merchants import their products from these nations. And importing from these nations, whether you’re an Amazon entrepreneur or a well-known consumer brand, involves a lot of time and knowledge.

Using a sourcing agency might free up your time so that you can concentrate on other elements of your company. However, you may not know exactly what a sourcing agent is, what they do, or whether you need one. We hope this post will help you determine whether hiring a professional is the best course of action for you in your circumstance.

What is a Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing agents assist firms locate items in foreign countries by acting as intermediaries between buyers and sellers. In the US, you may hire a sourcing agency to assist you in finding a sourcing agent in China,  Vietnam, or wherever else for that matter. They’ll be able to identify and visit many manufacturers to see whether they satisfy your price, quality, delivery, and other needs.

Any possible suppliers should be in close proximity to the location of your sourcing agency, which should be in the nation of manufacturing. As a result, they should also be fluent in the native language of the nation they are visiting.

As well as the identification of suppliers, the role of a sourcing agent may involve pricing negotiation, quality control, product testing, import/export duty, and shipping logistics.

Reason of Working with Sourcing Agent

Inquiring minds want to know whether working with a sourcing agency is required. Here are some of the most compelling arguments in favor of doing so:

1 – Save Much Time:

You’ll begin your search for a supplier as soon as you’ve made the decision to source your goods. You may spend hundreds of hours looking for suppliers on the internet if you don’t have a sourcing agent like sourcing agent China on hand to help you.

Once you’ve identified a few, you’ll probably conduct a series of phone conversations or emails to get to know them better. If the manufacturers are illiterate in English, this might complicate the procedure. The time you save by working with a sourcing agency might be put to better use in building your company.

2 – Save Lots of Money:

Sourcing an experienced agent can ensure that you get many bids from vendors that fit your needs. Getting many quotations gives you a better idea of cost and prevents you from overpaying.

Sourcing an agent may assist you avoid passing the point when a manufacturer is obliged to compromise quality in order to meet your pricing demands. Quality fade is a phenomena that occurs when manufacturers in low-cost nations replace lower-quality materials over time without alerting you. Having a sourcing agent that can interact well with the supplier and understand their condition is helpful in avoiding this predicament.

When you work with an agent, you are more likely to obtain high-quality products on time. In this way, you avoid delays, product recalls, and harm to your brand’s reputation.

3 – Get Help with Certified Agent:

You want to be sure that the sourcing from China has the right licenses and certifications to produce your product. A factory in China was shut down for breaking local rules after you paid it a large quantity of money.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to get your money back. It’s possible to obtain certification directly, but you’ll have to pay for translation expenses if you do.

In order to avoid this issue, it is best to work with an experienced and trustworthy sourcing agency.

4 – Get Help From Experts:

Your sourcing agent’s knowledge and contacts may help you tremendously. As long as they’ve been in the business for a while, they may already know which suppliers are most suited for your goods. They may also be able to help you get better pricing and a higher priority in the manufacturing process.

The same can be said for a sourcing agent, who may swiftly take use of their connections to cut through the hoops in areas like as shipping and logistics. A sourcing agent is more equipped to deal with situations rife with corruption and bribery than you are to do it on your own.

Can You Trust Chinese Sourcing Agents:

Importers like China sourcing agent are continuously having a conversation about low-cost nation sourcing agents as a topic of conversation. We are fully aware that as a consequence of these scams, some importers have been taken advantage of or have gotten items that are of a lower quality than expected.

The disadvantages of dealing with a professional sourcing agency are, however, outweighed by the benefits of doing so. There are several reliable sourcing services that can help you navigate the market with care, and you should make use of them.

Things To Consider for Choosing Sourcing Agent:

  1. Select a representative in the country of origin. A sourcing agent based in China will be able to assist you better if you are importing from that country. They are fluent with the language, the culture, and the business practises of the area.
  2. Select a representative who specializes in your product’s market. Importing baby items requires a sourcing agent with expertise in that market rather than one who only deals in construction materials.
  3. A reputable sourcer would be pleased to offer you with a list of satisfied customers who can be contacted for references.
  4. An experienced sourcing agent will have a better understanding of the sector and a wider network of contacts.
  5. To maintain objectivity, make sure you know how the agent is compensated. They should be paid only by you and not get any compensation from the manufacturer.


In this blog we have tried to share the information that everyone should know before going to hire the sourcing agent. I hope this will help you in choosing the best one for your.

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