What Is a UPVC BackDoor?

UPVC doors are created by encasing an insulated steel frame in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) to form a sturdy and energy-efficient sealed unit. Although UPVC doors have a plasticky appearance, they are an inexpensive and effective way to attractively safeguard any property.

What’s the difference between UPVC and composite doors in terms of price?

Make no mistake: composite doors are significantly more expensive than their UPVC counterparts, frequently by as much as 60%.

This is because they are made in a more complex manner, with more expensive materials and procedures.

Although a composite door costs more upfront than a UPVC door, both kinds offer excellent value for money, especially in terms of energy savings, and both will reduce your home’s risk of burglary.

How secure is a uPVC back door?

It’s critical to maintain the safety of your home to fully appreciate it. Unfortunately, it’s estimated that 67 percent of break-ins occur through doors alone each year, making it more critical than ever to ensure that your back entrance is adequately secured. Thankfully, if you choose to install uPVC back doors, you can rest assured that they will do exactly that. This is how:

It’s all about the locking hardware

Those who are concerned about the security of their uPVC rear doors should first look into the locks that have been built into their new entrance. The more complex and established a door’s locking mechanism is, the more difficult it will be for an undesirable guest to break in. Simple! Fortunately, most uPVC doors come complete with multi-point locking, and the panels we sell are no exception.

Our uPVC rear doors are an excellent investment for your home’s protection. This is due to the integration of the most advanced high-tech locks, which work together to ensure that your home is always safe, giving you complete peace of mind. When the system’s central cam is assaulted, uPVC back doors can go into ‘lockdown mode’ because of their height. Nobody but you will be able to readily enter through the back of the house once it is installed and locked.

Hard-wearing uPVC panels to resist harsh weather elements

Although uPVC is among the most popular door materials, its popularity is well-deserved. It’s tough by nature, making it an excellent choice for entrances that must withstand frequent periods of hard wind, harsh sunshine, and heavy rain. Our uPVC back doors successfully survive all of these weather conditions without flaking, rusting, or bending, and without requiring much maintenance.

Airtight fitting with easy open and closing

When it comes to entrance security, reliability may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is critical. When you choose the specialists to supply your new uPVC back door, you can rest confident that it will be manufactured airtight and secure providing the utmost protection and thermal efficiency for your property.

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