What is access control in a security?

To understand access control in security systems there is a need to reflect upon the whole system in strategic perspective. This allows to make the access control more relevant and fit in the big picture.

The security system consists of the following two main focuses:

  • Door access control 

Door access control is the physical entry protection and controlled management of people, products and a buildings perimeter. 

  • Electronic card access control system 

An electronic card access control system can be a basic one door key card or keypad installed to manage the entry of a business, swimming pool or clubhouse or a multiple door elaborate access card security including badge software and access control turnstiles. 

 What does an electronic access control system do?

At its basic level, an electronics entry door will provide an easy solution for allowing people into specified areas.

At its most comprehensive level, an electronic access system provides web-controlled building access management of security storefront doors, employees, vendors and clients and is completed with additional security products. Complete security solutions integrate access control with security  cameras, fire alarm systems, burglar alarms and intercoms.

All about Access Control:

 In the simplest viewpoint, access control means the selective authority that have a permission to engage and make changes to a security system, hence control the behavior of the whole system.

Access Control System Components:

Access control in a security system has a number of main components, including the following but not limited to: 

  • Card readers

The card readers use specialize cards that have code embed on them in the form of magnetic tape or electronic chips fitted in the card to provide access to the card holder. Permissions on the cards can be allowed or denied from the main control panel at access control software.

  • Door locks

Door locks are made to be mechanical or electronic based on requirements. Mechanical locks need manual action such as keypad or keys, electronic door locks need cards or fingerprints and use modern technology and can easily be programmed and control from the main access control panels.

  • Driveway loops

Vehicles that are regular in the car parks are fitted with special induction cables that can create the magnetic field and sensors can detect those changes thus allowing the vehicles to enter or exit the area.

  • Keypads

Sometimes codes are issues through the access control mainframe to each user/employee and these codes need to be manually entered in order to gain access of a certain lock. Here comes the keypads which take the entries and run them in the system or move mechanical pins to open the lock.

  • Proximity card scanners

Cards on employees and equipment can be made proximity cards by installing chips in them that can provide access instantaneously to the card bearer and the scanners can be made proximity scanner that can even detected cards in pockets or purses and there is no need to physically swipe or place cards.

  • Motorized gates

Gates can be made to open and close automatically upon coming in contact with cards or detecting the vehicles or personal even at a distance thus eliminating the need of physically opening them. This is mostly done by placing motion sensors that detect objects coming and going through their magnetic fields.

Access control systems are designed with two main focuses, i.e. software and hardware.

Software is placed at the main computer panel and hardware is designed and placed usually in a metal box similar to the electrical panels.

Special codes and permissions can be assigned to make changes to the access control system and backup and security checks can also be implemented to further secure the system.


Basically, access control systems are the entry points to a home or an office or any other enclosed space with a door. Unwanted personal and equipment can be kept out by access control systems, and they are specifically designed to safeguard the space.

Access control systems have become a hallmark of any good security system with cameras, hard drive backups and alarm systems. Recognizing this need CFA Security has been offering a complete and customer focused portfolio or security systems for all places whether domestic or commercial with the benefit of 20 years of expertise.

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