What is OCD and How Does it Impact you?

Anxious influence the thoughts of most people. This is helpful sometimes. For instance, you may feel like you left your iron on, so you check to ensure you did not leave it on.

However, the thought can reoccur multiple times and become obsessive. This creates unhealthy behavior patterns. If you obsessively think you have left your iron-on, you will regularly check your iron to ensure you turned it off.

‘Compulsion’ is when you feel like you must do things to make sure that there is nothing wrong. You feel like you must act out these acts even if you do not have to or if they do not necessarily complicate your life.

Signs and Symptoms of OCD

What is OCD

It is not easy for most people to notice every sign of OCD. However, you can see some of these things in a social context. For instance, a person:

  • Follows a strict schedule,
  • Takes time to get to social events or even work because of excessive rituals,
  • Counts or finger taps,
  • Repeats the same action, phrase, or word,
  • Avoid certain situations, and
  • Avoid touching things or shaking hands in public.

Individual with OCD focus on the following things:

Cleanliness – they obsessively wash their hands and clean their homes to reduce their fear of contamination

Order – they are obsessed with order xanax online legally or symmetry, so they place objects or perform tasks in a specific pattern and/or place

Safety and Checking – they continuously check for things, such as if their windows and doors are locked and if they are turned their stove off, since they are more afraid of harm occurring to them or their loved ones.

Religious and Moral Issues – they feel they must pray several times during the day or even they can pray until they spend more time praying, avoiding their daily activities.

Sexual Issues – they are stuck in sexual disgust.

How Can OCD Impact Your life?

OCD can make you feel anxious and worried. It can also prevent you from doing your daily activities. You can stop going to school or even work since you will never want to take part in any social gatherings. You may even avoid participating in your regular hobbies.

In addition, individuals with OCD can feel great shame about carrying out their compulsions, which can worsen the problem. However, these individuals may try to hide OCD, so they do not seek help. Therefore, it can take time to diagnose and treat them. The Clarity Clinic can help to manage OCD.

What Are Causes OCD?

It is not easy to understand the cause of OCD since there is not enough information on the causes. However, many researchers think it develops due to environmental and genetic factors.

Genetic and Biological Factors – the genetic component, brain functions, and natural chemistry of the body.

Environmental and Learnt Behaviors – research indicates OCD can develop due to learned behaviors. The learned behaviors can be from direct conditioning.

For example, if a person touches a contaminated object and becomes sick, the person can develop a washing compulsion. Also, if the person watches the behaviors of other people, such as their parents, the person can develop compulsion.

All of these issues cause stress and personal, work, and legal issues and need to be ealth with.

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