What is physiotherapy and Its Importance in Human Lives?

Physical disabilities due to different things is a common concern these days. Some may get disabilities due to aging or by some unfortunate accidents. Some of these are curable with the help of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a health profession that is concerned with the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of diseases or any disability via physical means. This is done to persons to restore, maintain and develop maximum movement possible. This procedure helps reduce pains, increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles, and restore the mobility and posture of a person.

Physiotherapy is done by a licensed physiotherapist. Every state has different policies but these individuals must have bachelors or masters degree to become a physiotherapist. You may have seen different clinics that provide such services.

If you are facing any mobility issues, you will have to consult a physiotherapist in order to relieve pain or regain posture. You can contact local healthcare providers as they can refer you to someone. If you are living in the UK you can pay a visit or visit the website of full-motion physio to get relevant treatment. They are expert in this field, so all you need is to tell them about your issue and they will help you with their experience.

Now if you are going to get some treatment, it is better to understand what kind of benefits it has to boost your confidence and trust.

Importance of Physiotherapy:

In recent times, the urge for physiotherapy has increased drastically and has become an important field and profession. It has become a vital part of every medical firm. It has different advantages and has great importance in our lives like:

It helps to Relieve Pain:

Physiotherapy helps relieve pain that comes from different orthopedic conditions like frozen shoulders, muscle tear, sprains, tendonitis and so many more. Physiotherapy uses different modalities to relieve these kinds of pains including TENS, IFT, exercise therapy, ultrasound, and wax bath and also the exercise includes mobilization and manual therapy.

Post Fracture Stiffness:

If you ever faced injuries where you had fractures, you will understand that sometimes they cause restriction and joint movement when they are removed. Physiotherapy is one great way to improve the motion of the joints and also strengthen the weak muscles and make them functional to such extent that the person can do daily life tasks easily.

Avoid Surgery:

In many cases, doctors suggest to go for surgery to eliminate the issue but physiotherapy is a great way to avoid surgeries. It helps in avoiding surgeries and is also helpful in reducing post-surgery complications and make the surgery more effective.

Assist Surgery:

Some of the surgeries require that the muscles need to be strengthened before the surgery. This is done to help the patient to recover quickly. Many different surgeries are assisted with physiotherapies like total knee replacement, hip replacements, capsular release in frozen shoulder, spine surgery, ligament repair surgery and similar others.

Stroke Rehabilitation:

The effect of stroke on limbs can be reversed with the help of physiotherapy. Initial 4 months of physio can reverse the effect and with proper exercise, the concerned patient may recover fully too.

Sports Injury:

Many of the injuries also come from playing sports and these are easily curable with the help of physiotherapy. You may have seen trained therapists in every game ready to help players that get injured during the games, no matter which sports physiotherapists are present. During games, the physiotherapist tends to help the players to recover from the injuries on the spot if they are not severed and also help them to reduce pain by using sprays and some other procedures.

Reducing Risk of Fall:

After certain ages like 50, people tend to lose their balance most of the times because of weak muscles, bones and joints. These problems are easily avoidable if a person exercises regularly to keep his muscles strong but if not, physiotherapists can help in such scenarios. They teach balancing exercises that help in strengthening muscles. When the muscles and joints are strong, the risk of falling decrease, ultimately eliminating the risk of injuries due to fall.

Manage Diabetes:

Physiotherapy is also helpful for people with problems like diabetes. Any individual having diabetes mellitus type 2 can reduce or control it by physical activity and diet. A physiotherapist knows which exercises are best for you and they will help you in each of these drills. Also, they can help in weight management which ultimately help in controlling diabetes.

Manage Heart Disease:

In post CABG cases, physiotherapy has a major role. They provide support to clear the lungs from secretions. Some specific exercises and procedures training to strengthen the heart. The ejection factor is improved too. They help in making a complete form for the cardiac rehabilitation program.

Icu Care:

There are many different benefits physiotherapy has for patients on ventilators. Different situations require physiotherapists to clear lung congestions, limb physiotherapy for patients who are immobilized in the ICU. Also, they are helpful in gait training, helps in back care of the patients. They also aid in preventing bedsores that often occurs to patients that are lay for prolong period.

Manage Lung Disease:

Physiotherapy is also useful in many lung conditions and diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and some others. As already mentioned above, physiotherapy helps in clearing the lungs from secretions. Sputum is removed from the lungs and congestion from the chest is cleared too. Several exercise and movements can help in maintaining lung patency.

There are many other benefits that physiotherapy has. Some of them are listed below and some aren’t like physiotherapy is also great for woman health and their specific conditions. Also, physiotherapy can improve your overall flexibility, can strengthen your muscles, and make your joints work smoothly and so on. So, even if you are not going through any condition, you should visit a physiotherapist clinic and ask them to guide you about some exercises and some practices to increase your mobility and flexibility.

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