What Is the Children’s Burn Foundation?

The Children’S Burn Foundation is an American non-profits organization established in 1985 with the mission to alleviate the emotional, physical, and monetary needs of children that have been severely injured from household fires. Located in Sherman Oaks, California, it is run by Dr. Paul Navaro and Daniel Navaro. The foundation was started with the intention of raising funds for rehabilitation and the medical expenses incurred by children after a house fire. The foundation now helps a wide variety of children in a number of countries around the world. Its stated aim and mission are to prevent young children in the United States and Canada from living through their childhoods in traumatic conditions and living with the consequences of burn injuries. It also aims to strengthen the family system by providing healthy foods, emotional support, proper education, family life skills development, legal assistance, child protection, and the empowerment of children through the prevention and teaching of self-esteem and leadership.

What makes this foundation unique? Apart from offering direct monetary support through the selling of fundraising CD’s and brochures concerning the causes and treatment options of burn injuries in children, the organization offers counseling services to families in dealing with traumatic situations. In addition, the organization conducts educational programs to enlighten children. These programs are designed by noted authors and motivational speakers such as Kevin Trudeau, Elizabeth Plummer, Laura Waters, Kevin Dunn, Phoebe Segal, and Crystal Sharp.

The Children’s Burn Fund has helped build new homes for more than one thousand children. It has also provided scholarships so that children can get an education. The goal of the foundation is to build a strong and healthy community in the neighborhoods in which children live. Through this program, children will be given a sense of pride and accomplishment. They will be taught responsibility.

As part of the Children’s Burn Fund, the organization also sponsors community clean-ups. This program provides the children with a safe place to go while they are cleaning up their own property. They will also be taught valuable lessons about caring for their environment. The entire team works together to ensure that a child cleans up after themselves. During the program, the children will learn different aspects of environmental cleaning.

The Children’s Burn Fund also provides field trips. These trips introduce the children to nature and explore different parts of town. During these trips, they will meet with other children from all ages. The objective of the program is to give children a chance to play and work with others. In the process, the children will gain a sense of responsibility and enhance their critical thinking skills.

Burn Prevention

The Children’s Burn Program also serves as an after-care program for the physically, emotionally and spiritually challenged children. The program also offers classes on stress reduction for families. During these classes, the adults will help the children identify the source of their fears. The adults can also help the children express their fears in a positive manner. The goal of these classes is to empower the emotionally and physically challenged children through after-care.

Another focus of the Children’s Burn Foundation program is on offering art therapy programs for children in low-income areas. Art therapy is a therapeutic activity that helps the children gain a sense of visual reality. Through this program, the children will learn to identify colors and learn to create with images. This will allow them to communicate visually with their peers. The program also offers courses on music, dance, and drama.

As part of the program, the foundation gives children jobs that require hands-on experience. These jobs allow the children to gain skills that will prepare them for kindergarten. Job training workshops are held quarterly and summer sessions. As a part of the after-school program, the children can learn how to cook healthy meals. The Burn Foundation trains children in after-school, summer, and office programs.

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