What is the DAX 30 index and how do you invest?

DAX 30 is an index listing the respective number of companies on the stock market all of which hold the biggest capitalization in all fields of the German economy. With its help, you can analyze and make predictions of future changes to make investment-related decisions, since it reflects the fluctuations of the domestic and global markets regarding these market agents. It is determined by weighting the value average of the stock prices of these biggest agents of the market. Free-floating shares are taken into account during the capitalization calculation. In addition, it also considers the shares.

The DAX index companies investment process can be performed on an official Frankfurt Stock Exchange. However, you cannot invest in them directly, like with any other stock index. Instead, you can invest in exchange-traded funds or invest in any company that comprises DAX 30. Throughout its history, DAX 30 show steady growth with recessions from time to time. At the moment, their index is 12,692.39, however, some predict a slight recession in the future.

UK 100 index companies and what perspectives await their investors

UK 100, is a collective share index of the most promising companies represented on the official London Stock Exchange. These market agents hold the highest capitalization in the British economy. All investment-related activity regarding this collective index can be made on the exchange we mentioned above, where you can purchase UK 100 stocks without mediators. You can also buy a share from all companies independently that are included in UK 100.

Here is an example of companies in the UK 100:

British American Tobacco;

Lloyd’s Banking Group;




At the moment, UK 100 index prices 7,193.64  and is likely to go down a bit. Predictions indicate that in 12 months index price will be around 646 However, according to its history, UK 100 index always holds an index price of around 7000 and always returns to this number after a recession.

Dow 30 stock prices right now and in the future

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, which can be also called the Dow, is a collective of 30 publicly-owned companies with the biggest capitalization represented on official USA exchanges. To buy their shares, you can go to New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ and buy a special fund, which tracks the index and holds all 30 of the stocks respectively to their weights in the Dow.

The Dow 30 current prices are 31,029.31 and are likely to continue growing. Analysts predict that median growth might be 33,535 in the following months. in the last 5 years, Dow has shown significant growth, especially after a recession in 2020.


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