As the cryptocurrency has successfully overcome to all the financial institutions of the world. Hence, it is further classified into many other forms. Cryptocurrency is immense differ from paper money. Except the few misunderstandings anyone who knows much about block chain technology they can easily create their own cryptocurrency network. More than 1600 forms of cryptocurrencies listed and has been using in the world for assets transfer or business transactions.

In the beginning of crypto phenomenon, there was two top rated forms were listed as the most useful cryptocurrency, bitcoin and ethereum. After that the ripple XRP made its place among these two cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is having the second position among all the cryptocurrencies since 2018 September. Exclude bitcoin, ethereum and ripple XRP there are various more popular cryptocurrencies has been using but the worth and thedemand of these three cryptocurrencies tend to rise and fall.

To look about the most common or popular trading cryptocurrencies you can sign up to website. But they all forms of cryptocurrency is different from one another. So let’s give a look to their qualities.


Bitcoin is known as the real crypto, it was launched in 2009 that was the time when the whole process and network of cryptocurrency came into existence and people start to know and aware about cryptocurrency and the block chain technology begins to operate the cryptocurrency system. Block chain technology was basically introduced by an individual or a group of individuals under the custody of satoshinakamoto. Bitcoin was the first to use on the behalf of order monetary system. No one knows the true identity of satoshinakamoto till yet.

Bitcoin proves that there is no need of physical financial institution to make billing and transactions. It eases the problems of most of the business owners who understood the function of bitcoin correctly. Bitcoin is protecting your transaction history which will not be visible even for the recipient without your permission.

Ethereum (ether)

Etherum is generally the second most popular cryptocurrency but it is genuinely different from bitcoin. Ethereum is the another name of block chain technology in actual and ether is the cryptocurrency. Ether manage the smart contracts of block chain system. Ethereum is commonly ruled to create different types of applications and decentralization applications.

Ripple XRP

It is considered about the ripple XRP that it would be a part of traditional financial system soon due to its highly growing efficiency. All the networks and businesses who have used the ripple XRP have grown rapidly. Ripple XRP has been supporting and encouraging by the greater number of banks from its beginning. It is also known as the utility coin because it has been utilizing from its starting.

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