What Is The Recommended CBD Oil Dosage For Pain And Inflammation?

To determine the correct dosage for CBD oil for inflammation, you need to consider the other factors influencing the amount of CBD oil you take. The oil occurs in many forms, and each of them has a different percentage of CBD concentration.

For example, the amount of CBD in capsules is not the same as the percentage in creams and lotions. Finding the correct dose by yourself is not easy; that’s why you should seek a doctor’s advice before taking the product.

Can You Rely on CBD for Pain-Relieving?

Pain medication has some side effects on those taking them. For example, people with diseases like cancer or serious surgeries go through a lot of unbearable pain. The good news is that CBD oil has a pain-relieving benefit and can help you prevent such injuries.

The research about CBD is still in its early stages. For this reason, some companies that manufacture CBD products may use more amounts than the recommended ones. Unfortunately, this makes the product unsafe to take without a doctor’s prescription.

How CBD Oil For Pain and Inflammation Works

People could experience pain because of a disease or after surgery. When cells are hurt, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) gets a signal. When you take CBD, it goes directly to your brain and acts on the ECS receptors.

The receptors then receive this chemical signal, and the cells respond to it, reducing the pain. Thus, CBD can ease chronic pains and inflammations without causing adverse effects on the patients. It’s a non-invasive way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

Other Types of Pain CBD Oil Can Cure

People who have suffered infections like shingles and sclerosis often experience nerve damage and suffer neuropathic pain. This is because such diseases attack the brain and central nervous system, causing pain to spread throughout the body.

Since pain is very chronic and unbearable, most patients survive on pain relievers. The good news is that CBD relieves pain in neuropathic patients. However, researchers are still trying to find the benefits and risks of taking CBD as a neuropathic pain reliever.

Here are the other forms of pain that CBD oil can relieve.


Although some people with arthritis pain get relief after using CBD oil, researchers are yet to prove if this oil is an arthritis pain reliever. Recently, scientists studied a rat, which was suffering from arthritis. They applied CBD oil on the rat, and the pain disappeared. Though they concluded that this could also work on human beings, there is no proof yet.


Not much study shows the effect of CBD on migraines. Instead, most of them show that CBD does not work alone to cure migraines but alongsideTetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

According to Healthline, drugs under 100mg do not have any effect on the pain. CBD that is 200mg or above cures about 55 percent of the pain, while a combination of CBD and THC works well for people with migraines.

Which is the Correct CBD Oil Dosage?

Many factors contribute to the dosage of CBD. You first need to check the symptoms you have and know what you are treating. This is because the amount of CBD that will be enough to treat anxiety will not work if you treat inflammation and pain.

The same happens for the other ailments. Although each condition will require a different dose, you should always start low as you go up. This helps your body get used to the oil and also reduces the chances of getting allergies.

If there are no changes after the first week of taking CBD oil, you can add 5mg to the dosage you were taking. Take this for another week as you monitor your body. Then, increase the quantity until you get one that works for you.

Effects of Taking an Overdose of CBD

Nobody has ever reported a death case associated with overdosing on CBD oil. But, on the other hand, researchers have also not gathered enough information regarding any possible effects of long-term usage of an overdose.

It might also be challenging to verify the effects of CBD overdose since CBD products don’t contain the same substance. That is why it is essential to talk to your doctor first before deciding to take any CBD oil dosage.

Always start with the lowest dosage. Then, if that does not work with you, you can gradually add the dosage as you try to see which amount will be effective. If you can’t determine the correct CBD dosage, visit this website to consult CBD specialists for free.

A study done on mice showed that high amounts of CBD caused damage to their liver. However, researchers are yet to do this study on humans, so we cannot conclude that the same will happen to human beings.

Some of the side effects you might get from CBD are fatigue, diarrhea, and a change in appetite. If you are taking any medication, it is wise to consult your physician before taking CBD because it reacts with some medicines.

Tips on How to Know the Right Amounts of CBD to Take

These tips and ideas will help you determine the correct CBD Oil dosage to consume.

Ask Your Doctor

Making inquiries from an experienced doctor is the safest method to know the correct CBD oil dosage. Your doctor will check your health status and give advice accordingly. They also know which medicines react with CBD and advise against them.

Check Your CBD Product Composition

CBD occurs in different forms. So, the amount of CBD in capsules and gummies is not the same as that on pills. The number of capsules you will take will therefore depend on how much CBD is in the product. If the concentration is low, you’ll need more capsules.

Trial and Error

CBD reacts differently to different people. Start low and increase your dose after some time if the previous dosage was not effective. After you have taken a dosage and felt the effect, you can now stick to that. Trial and error offers more experience on CBD.

Don’t Continue After Experiencing Side Effects

Do not expect to feel what your friend felt when they took CBD. So, if you get a different reaction, you should stop taking the oil entirely or lower the dosage. This is because the side effects of CBD oil tend to vary in various people.

Final Words

Sometimes pain can be so devastating that you want to consume anything to keep it away. There are many drug options your doctor will advise and give, including the use of CBD. Although CBD oil might be on the list of your pain relievers, ensure you take the proper dosage of CBD oil for inflammation to avoid its intense side effects.

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