What is the role of education in human development?

role of education in human development

Significant Role of Education in Human Development 

Education and democracy run through an identical goal: the possible development of human aptitudes. Like democracy, education is also the elementary right of every citizen in the country. It is also the building block to success and paves the right way for enhancing your belief and values. Unquestionably, education provides the confidence to think reasonably, fulfil long-lasting dreams and follow a prosperous life. It also provides freedom of expression and urges people to live life following key principles. Individuals with proper education make every development possible and advance in the healthcare sector, agricultural sector and more. There is no better tool than education to foster all the sectors on a whole; therefore, it is necessary for the complete development of the human. 

Understanding Education

Education is not only about listening to the instructors, reading books and getting certificates by excelling in the examinations. The aspect of education is much broader, it is all about instilling good morals, showing a positive attitude and good behaviour and being helpful to the needy. However, such aspects are mostly overlooked with the hype of running after lucrative jobs and another prospectus.  

Proper education is essential for human development because it offers countless opportunities to the people to enhance their knowledge on cultural and social aspects and accumulate economic growth. However, when society does not value education and appreciates its significance the individuals and the entire community fail to cope with the ongoing scenario and that badly affects the economic viability. 

Education and its Types

Education is the process of teaching and learning new things. It comprises new information and applies those skills in real-life situations as and when necessary. It is one of the crucial aspects that also get transferred from one generation to another. The common types of education are 

  • Formal Education

Formal education is all about the learning that materializes in schools and features fundamental, academic and trade expertise. 

  • Informal Education 

Informal education is not organized and it comes from the parents who teach the students about the elementary knowledge of numbers and alphabets. 

  • Non-Formal Education

Non-formal education comprises all the skills that you acquire outside your school and mostly learn at home and through distance learning. 

Understanding Human Development

Human development is all about the expansion of human abilities to fulfil their rights and the heightening of their freedom. Although the notion of income was regarded as the primary aspect of human development, now it is not considered. Now the elementary objective of human development is to foster an efficient environment that helps individuals enjoy a prosperous and healthy life. The key objective of human development are

  • To guarantee all the individuals a long and healthy life free from major illnesses
  • To guarantee them all the essential access to education and related resources 
  • To make sure the individuals have a standard of living with guaranteed self-respect along with an effective way of fulfilling human rights. 

Apart from the above objectives, human development follows four crucial pillars, which are also known as the indisputable components of human development coined by Mahbub Ul Haq. The components are Equality, Sustainability, and Productivity & Empowerment. Still, most of you are not well versed in the contribution of education to human development. Off late there is a huge demand of the topic among the students who pursue higher studies in economics and sociology. However, they also fall apart while writing their assignments on this topic and look for experts who can provide them with assignment help in the UK

How Does Education Foster Human Development?

It Helps Overcome Social Prejudices 

Undoubtedly, it is the most crucial benefit of education, the disbeliefs and baseless traditions hold back the growth of the society. In such a scenario, explaining the consequences with proper logic and reasoning helps individuals to overcome those. Hence, education when used properly helps people to get rid of prejudices and ill beliefs. 

Foster talents & Urge Them to Dream

All the individuals out there have their dreams and aspirations, but due to the lack of proper resources and platforms, they constrain themselves. However, with a medium like education, it is completely possible to foster skills and pursue dreams. 

Boosts Creativity & Imagination

Education also offers a good platform to play around with new ideas and creative thinking. It fosters young minds and urges them to think about something unique and extraordinary. Education also provides them with a good platform to know about new things and live a productive lifestyle. 

Education Also Ensure Higher Growth

Education Also Ensure Higher Growth

Education is not only ensuring academic excellence but also concrete the path for economic success. Aspects like research, development, groundbreaking innovation and creative thinking are the outputs of effective education. Hence, when people get educated and contribute their part in the advancement of different sectors it leads to the enormous growth of the country. 

Education Ensure Knowledge & Wisdom 

A complete education guarantees enormous knowledge and wisdom and provides the community with fresh information, teaching how to live sustainably and use the surrounding. With education and proper knowledge, you can inscribe your capabilities and strengths. The countries are busy manufacturing deadly weapons to deal with harsh situations but education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to revolutionize the circumstance across the globe. It is the best way to enrich both the individuals and a nation through proper knowledge and wisdom. 


Education is an excellent trait that ensures significant progress of the standard of living of individuals. It also guarantees a positive impact on their lives. Moreover, education offers necessary tools and platforms to the individuals who wish to get away with the abuses and mistreatments. For this reason, most of the authorities focus on providing effective learning opportunities to individuals for better human development. When the individuals and a community as a whole get educated it minimizes the poverty level, crime and ensures economic benefits as well as the advancement of the society. Hence, education is crucial for human development and most countries should work on developing their educational sector and emphasize more on developing the key pillars of their educational system.

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