What Is Ultherapy And How Long Does It Last?

Many people wish to overcome the effects of aging. However, the many risks and disadvantages of the surgical approach to getting these results have made them seek other suitable options. Ultherapy is an alternative and non-surgical approach to reversing the effects of age and delivering a more youthful look. Many people who have tried this approach to anti-aging have reported a variety of positive results including facelifts. Are you looking for a non-surgical approach to looking beautiful, radiant, and youthful? Learn more about Ultherapy below.


What Is Ultherapy?


This treatment procedure is a non-invasive approach to getting your desired appearance. While this procedure is non-surgical, you may expect that it defers to the use of chemicals; however, you couldn’t be more wrong.


Ultherapy takes about 60 minutes to complete and offers you a more youthful look. The procedure focuses on the skin of the face and the neck areas. With Ultherapy, you do not have to worry about the complications associated with surgical facelifts neither do you have to worry about extended recovery time.


How Does Ultherapy Work?


Ultherapy is a facelift procedure that relies on the use of ultrasound technology. The ultrasound technology tones and tightens the skin thus getting rid of loose skin, wrinkles, and lines on the face. Specialists who offer this procedure use a small specialized wand that allows them to see through the top layer of the skin into the tissue layered under. The technicians can target specific treatment areas to effect changes. The wand-like equipment also lets the technician identify areas that need more attention for better and firmer results.


While ultrasound equipment is a major part of the treatment, it does not begin to cover it. The treatment procedure also involves the use of measured heat to stimulate blood flow and collagen production in the treated area. Collagen is a natural product that causes the skin to look tighter and younger. In essence, the goal of the Ultherapy procedure is to stimulate a higher level of collagen production in the skin of the face and neck.


How Is Ultherapy Different From Other Treatments?


With Ultherapy as an effective solution to obtaining the desired youthful look, you can now say goodbye to other treatment solutions that are largely based on the use of chemicals, needles, scalpels, and others. Ultherapy also offers an effective and pain-free alternative to surgical facelifts.


With this treatment approach, you can now rest assured that you are addressing the real cause of aging from the biological perspective, by encouraging your body to produce more of the natural materials that enhance a youthful look instead of adding more chemicals that may have future negative effects on your skin.


Can Ultherapy Replace Cosmetic Surgery?


Although cosmetic surgery and Ultherapy address different concerns, you can avoid cosmetic surgery if your goal is to obtain firmer and more youthful skin. Ultherapy offers a natural approach to getting the desired results while circumventing the risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgical procedures.


With Ultherapy, you do not have to worry about extended recovery time, pain from surgical procedures, or the chance of complications arising from infections, improperly done cosmetic surgeries, and others.


Is It Safe?


Yes. Ultherapy is one of the safest ways to address your aging skin and restore it to its youthful glory. This procedure is safer because it relies on your body’s natural ability to produce collagen, an organic substance that is responsible for firmer skin and a younger look. In addition, the heat treatment increases blood circulation to all areas of your face thus improving the tenderness of the skin of your face and neck.


Who is a Good Candidate for This Treatment?


Ultherapy treatment is a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to address common skin problems like loose facial or neck skin, wrinkled skin, fine lines, as well as other aging-related skin manifestations. People who wish to undergo this procedure are encouraged to take the bold step when they notice that their skin has become loose compared to what was obtainable years before. With the non-surgical and non-invasive face and neck lift procedure, clients will enjoy superb outcomes that will leave them looking fresh and youthful for months to come.


Benefits of Choosing Ultherapy


  • Treatment can be customized to fit each client’s needs
  • It is non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Treatment has no downtime and does not demand recovery time
  • Offers natural-looking results

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