What Is Weekend Car Insurance?

Do you love your time at the steering wheel during the weekends? If you do not drive your car frequently, you might regret insuring your car with a regular policy, given that you hardly drive the vehicle. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to have adequate cover to secure yourself against unforeseen circumstances.

In these situations, you may go for weekend car insurance. Whether you are borrowing your friend’s car or going on a weekend to disconnect from your mundane life, weekend car insurance can cover you for exactly that period of time. A fast and easy insurance policy for a limited number of kilometres can help you save money on expensive regular premiums.

Not many drivers are aware of weekend car insurance policies and their perks. Also, it might be a good idea to reach out to insurance specialists like Surex for professional consultation before purchasing one.

Is It Possible To Insure Your Car Just For A Weekend?

It is indeed possible to ensure your car just for a weekend. These packages come as a part of temporary insurance policies from reputed insurers. Therefore, a driver can purchase comprehensive cover for very short durations. 

It makes sense to get yourself insured before a weekend ride, particularly when you do not drive regularly. Also, when you are not driving your regular vehicle, you may opt for these policies.

In other situations, your regular car might not be adequate in terms of space available during your weekend outings. In these cases, borrowing a larger car or van happens to be a viable option. 

With a weekend car or van insurance in Canada, you can enjoy a comprehensive protective cover. Instead of amending the regular annual insurance policy of the vehicle, you are driving, it is logical to purchase weekend insurance in quick time.

Benefits Of Weekend Car Insurance

Have a look at the prime benefits of having a weekend car insurance policy in place.

1.Fast purchase of policies

At times, you might want insurance cover in quick time, particularly under emergent situations. You can get hold of these policies in just 15 minutes. This implies that you need not carry out extensive paperwork or amend your regular annual policy. Besides, you have the option of pre-booking these policies 4 weeks in advance.

2.   Pay only for your requirements

You may be an occasional driver wherein you take out your car once in a blue moon. It makes sense to ditch the annual car insurance policy and get a weekend package for a limited number of kilometres. Therefore, these packages save you a lot of money.

Occasionally, you may want to include a young driver in your policy, which can be expensive. In these situations, it is logical to purchase these small packages, customizing the same for your requirement.

3. Keep your no claim discount intact

As a car owner, you know the efforts you have taken to avail of the no claim discount. Naturally, you would want to maintain this record and capitalize on the benefits. 

In case you are handing over the steering to someone else, you might end up wiping away years of carefulness if an accident occurs. Weekend insurance will be of significant help in this case as you only purchase the policy for the new driver who would be at the steering for a short while.

When Would You Need A Weekend Car Insurance?

If you are planning an outing or long drive on the weekend, the best way to cover yourself financially against unforeseen incidents is to get weekend insurance. You can avail of these policies even when you borrow a car. 

After all, there’s no better time than your weekends to spend time with friends and family. When you don’t have an annual policy, or do not want to disturb the regular scheme, purchasing a weekend insurance policy for an occasional driver makes sense.

Here are certain occasions where a weekend car insurance would be highly recommended

  • If a new driver with limited experience is at the wheels
  • If you are not using your own car
  • In case you have rented or borrowed a vehicle
  • If you are just learning how to drive a car
  • When you are driving in a different state for travel or business purposes
  • In case you want to sell a car just after purchasing it
  • If you are driving a private car that you borrowed from a relative or friend

What Does Weekend Car Insurance Cover?

Driving on the weekends can be fun as long as you have adequate coverage. It brings mental peace—that you won’t land up in debts in case of accidents, whether or not you are at fault. These weekend car insurance policies cover all sorts of damage. 

These include multiple liabilities such as collision damage, accidental damage, calamities, personal injury of the driver, etc. Moreover, you can also get third-party liability cover from these policies. Therefore, it would be wise to have a short-term cover to provide you with a financial cushion, in case something goes wrong.

As a policyholder, you may choose one-week, one-month, or even shorter policies that cover your trip. Reputed insurers have come up with a wide range of packages. Depending on your experience and other factors, they would decide the premium. Ultimately, you would make significant savings on long-term premiums.

Here are some of the reasons why weekend car insurance policies are so popular:

  • Insurance coverage against third-party liabilities, including injuries and property damage
  • Coverage is made available instantly
  • Coverage for accidental damage
  • Coverage for personal injury of the driver
  • Provision for purchasing the policy 28 days in advance
  • Get a completely personalized package
  • Mental peace that all damages are insured against


Top-of-the-line insurers have designed several packages for weekend drivers. You simply need to explore your options and get the package customized as per your requirement. In case you need professional consultation, reach out to an insurance specialist for advice.

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