What makes Mailman the best email management software?

Any professional receives an unimaginable number of emails every day. However, only a few are important and related to work. Thus, it becomes important to de-clutter your inbox to respond to important emails. You need to manage your emails with the help of email management softwares.

Mailman is one of the email management tools that can add convenience in your life. It is minimal yet effective email management software. It caters to the issues regarding emails which make it one of the most useful Best email Marketing Software

Why is Mailman the best email management software?

Mailman reduces the distractions that are presented by emails. It enables its users to make better use of their email softwares by achieving Inbox to zero. Read on to find out some of the reasons to opt for Mailman as your email management software.

  • Do not Disturb

Emails are distracting because of the continuous notifications. They are enabled on desktops and mobile phones so that you do not miss out on important information. Although, this is becoming a problem as it is making you less productive. Thus, Mailman has launched a Do not Disturb feature.

 This feature allows you to schedule hours in which you won’t receive any notifications. In this time period, you can focus on the task you have while achieving better productivity. It will help with time management as well. It is a great email software as you will still be able to access important emails out of that time frame.

  • Proper Delivery Slots

The constant sound of notifications can be very distracting as it can hinder one’s focus. At the same time, emails can bring in new tasks for you to perform. Hence, you might get confused as to what to cater first. Mailman can actually help you in such a scenario.

 This is because the email management software can help you to decide delivery slots for your emails. You can add time slots in the entire day as per your convenience. Hence, you can manage your emails without compromising on the productivity.

  • VIP List

Mailman offers features of Do not Disturb and Delivery slots, but it also understands that there might be certain emails that you might want to view immediately. They might be important because of their urgency or the sender. Hence, this email management software keeps a track of all the important senders and makes a VIP List.


The email management software helps you to add important email ids, keywords and domains to the VIP list. Emails from these categories will be allowed a bypass from all the settings and filters. This will allow you to focus on your work in a better way.

  • Block emails that do not matter

Your inbox might have a major chunk of emails that are sent to you by newsletters and spam. These emails make it hard to achieve inbox zero while distracting you continuously. However, you might like receiving emails from some of these newsletters, but they are of no use in your work email. You might want to read them peacefully or want to delete them all together. Mailman offers the exact solution for that.

 The email software blocks emails that are from newsletters and similar spam. It blocks emails from recipients that you haven’t interacted with before. However, it provides you with a digest of blocked emails once a day so that you do not miss any important email in spam.


Managing too many emails efficiently is really important. It will enable your productivity and improve your mental space as well. However, it is a huge task and so, email management strategy is really important. A good email management software will offer a better work-life balance, and thus, you must check Mailman.

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