What marijuana seeds to buy for beginners?

For beginners, growing marijuana could be tricky business at first. You may not know the initial process about growing marijuana but, you can be a successful grower if you are ready to put little work into it. For your first crop, you just need to keep it very simple and stick to such a kind of weed seed which is easy to grow and does not create much trouble in the process.

Choosing the best weed seeds for beginners is part of science as well as art. In our opinion, beginners need hearty plants that can handle few mistakes from a grower and still can give sufficient yield. Hence the best strain for beginners is one that performs without sacrificing yield or flowering time. 

The second thought would occur about the quantity of weed seeds to buy for beginners. Practically you can grow a successful yield from just one viable seed. But in this case the supplier needs to give you a 100% germination guarantee. 

While choosing your first cannabis strain, there are two factors you need to keep in mind; first is strength and second is resistance of the plant itself. You need something that does not require much care and can largely fend for itself for your first time around. You should look for something that is not too fussy about exact nutrient levels, light schedules and other parameters which needs experience in the field to understand. 

During your first trial, it is obvious that you will make several mistakes on the way. At Herbies we provide you with complete guidance; from choosing the best marijuana seeds to harvesting them in a profitable way. 

Feminized seeds:

We recommend you to go ahead and buy some feminized seeds if you are a beginner in the weed growing industry. The nature of feminized seeds will minimise the whole process of sex identification and eliminate the possibility of male plants preventing your females from flowering. So it is far easier for the beginner to choose a well known feminized seed that will give them the smoothest growing process possible. 

Once you have got some experience under your belt, feel free to experiment with several more varieties of seeds that are available in standard strains, but it is suggested not to be tempted by them on your first shot. It is better to stick on the safer side in order to minimise the risk of rupturing your first crop.

On the other hand you can try your first crop with regular seeds as they would be affordable and much cheaper than the genetically modified strains. In this scenario you will always be skeptical about the outcome. Because there will be a 50/50 chance of getting male or female plant and the quality of the crop would always be in question. Many first time growers prefer to start off with a strain that has a quick turnaround so that they can see how their work has paid off and get started with their next batch quickly. 

We suggest you not break your bank during your first tryout, because the price of the seed does not necessarily correlate to the quality of the strain. Things can always go wrong, especially for beginners; even if you have gathered all the necessary information available. Also you need to keep in mind that all seeds are living, physiologically at their dormant stage waiting for favourable conditions to germinate which you are going to provide them. 

Why should you grow your own weed?

  • There are many great reasons to grow your own marijuana, but if you are new to this; the process might seem intimidating. However it does not have to be that hard. As long as you start with the best marijuana seeds for beginners, you will have little things to worry about. 
  • You might want to save money by growing your own weed which can lead to a high quality of smoke without spending lots of money. 
  • If you are using marijuana regularly, you will always have an ample amount of weed in hand whenever you need it.
  • If growing on your own, you will never have any trust issue regarding quality, quantity and desired effect. 
  • You can have total control over; from type of seeds to the final product.
  • There is also a pure sense of satisfaction that comes from growing something from seeds all the way to its maturity. 

Frequently asked questions:

Is it safe to purchase marijuana seeds online?

First you need to consider whether it is legal to buy or sell marijuana seed within your country. Apart from legal matters, buying marijuana seeds online at herbies is completely safe. We use a secure web protocol to ensure the safety of your personal and banking information. All purchases will be shipped in an unmarked envelope or hidden among random items if you choose the stealth delivery option. 

Do you deliver in the US and UK?

Not only in the US or UK, we offer worldwide delivery, however we have a higher percentage of customers from the US and Uk. 

How much time do I need to grow cannabis?

From the moment of germination until the day when buds are ready to harvest, it usually takes a minimum of two months for autoflowers and three months for photoperiod strains. 

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