What Should You Look For In SEO Packages?

Most reports indicate that nearly 90% of all customers will look online before they ever decide on a purchase. For you, that data translates to one thing – a chance to connect with a potential customer comes with every single click. While many companies use a number of different strategies in the world of digital marketing to connect with their target audience, the heart of every single one is your website and making sure that customers can find it, and that means investing in the right SEO packages from teams who know how to help you. If you’re looking for that perfect package, though, it can be tough to find exactly what you need. After all, nearly every SEO company out there seems to be offering something different. Luckily, knowing a bit about the search engines, how they work, and SEO companies themselves can help you decide exactly which package might be right for you.

What is a Search Engine?

It may help you to start off with the most basic point. What really is a search engine? These programs exist so that they can better organize online content. The goal of every single one of them is to offer the best possible results to the questions people type into their search boxes. There are lots of different search engines, but the most sophisticated and well-used choice is Google, so some companies offer SEO packages designed specifically to improve your Google page rank. Others do offer packages to address ranks on other big search engines like Bing, but you’ll need to ask how that works before you sign up for a potential package.

What Matters to Google?

Before you ask an SEO company what they offer, you may want to know what the biggest name in search engines actually cares about. Google has four key areas that they care most about. Content is one of them, and maybe the most written about choice, but backlinks, technical SEO, and user experience are also part of that equation. Content is fairly simple. Customers don’t really know what you have to offer until you tell them about it, so Google is looking for content that answers possible customer questions. Backlinks are a source of much confusion for people. This occurs when other sites decide to link to yours. Not just any link will do in the world of content, though. Instead, it has to be a fairly high-quality link. Say, for instance, The New York Times reviewed your products along with a list of other similar products and linked back to your site. That would be a worthwhile backlink. If, on the other hand, a directory that was just created for the purpose of offering backlinks to sites linked to yours, it would be a fairly low-quality backlink. Technical SEO is the next piece Google considers. It involves ensuring Google can effectively and efficiently crawl your site and understand what’s there. In this arena, things like H1 tags, good titles, and rich text snippets are going to stick out. The final piece is user experience. This should be a fairly self-explanatory one. If users land on your site and regularly choose to work with your company, you’re offering a good user experience, and search engines will notice that power you command.

Connecting What Matters to SEO Packages

Given all of that information, how do you find an SEO package that will actually meet the needs of your company? Make sure it addresses all of those factors, but most basic SEO packages do that. Some, though, go over and above, but you may not need those extra services Before you do anything, though, make certain any package you buy is customised to meet the goals of your company. If you’re in a really tight vertical, for instance, you may need more keyword research than someone else in a different industry. If you’re both purchasing the same SEO package, though, there may not be room to give your company exactly what it needs, so a bespoke experience is a must. Beyond that, make sure your package meets your goals. A company looking solely for better page rank, for instance, is going to require different services from one looking for a higher conversion rate.

Which SEO packages are best for your company? The ones that help you achieve your business goals. Look around until you find a team willing to do exactly that.

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