What You Need to Know When Buying an Electric Scooter on the Gold Coast

An electric scooter is now rated one of the most convenient and cheap means of transport. The Gold Coast is one of the most famous tourist destinations, and hence it is usually flooded with people. People who need to stay away from traffic or have fun in the streets of the Gold Coast choose to use a scooter. The evolution of technology has also brought a change in the production of scooters. In the past, people assumed scooters to be technology mementos. That notion has changed. Scooters have been turned into one of the safest solutions to short-distance transportation. Gold Coast is one of the areas that have embraced the use of scooters. Click here for more information on electric scooters on the Gold Coast.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Electric Scooter

1. The Design

Unlike in the past, there is a wide range of varieties to choose from. The main agenda here is to choose a scooter that is comfortable and stylish. Of course, it is going to get a lot of attention when you hit the road. Why go for the unstylish electric scooter when there are more cool ones. Teenagers mostly consider this factor. People older than that may not mind so much about the design, but they will consider the comfortability of the scooter.

2. Power

What you will be doing with the electric scooter will help you choose the watts of power you need. If you buy it for fun, you could consider a scooter that uses less than 500 watts. If you plan to use your scooter more often or for relatively long trips, you need to choose a powered scooter with more than 1000watts.

3. Battery Life

There are two options to choose from. Lead-acid batteries or the lithium-ion. Consider a battery that takes less time to fully charge yet gives you the optimal time to use the scooter. Again, how often you use your scooter will help you choose the type of battery to choose. If you do not use it daily, then you could consider the lead-acid battery is okay. The vice versa is also true.

4. Weight Limit

Would it make sense to buy an electric scooter with a weight limit of 80kgs while you weigh 120kgs? Factor in your weight and look for an electric scooter that has a weight limit higher than that.

5. Speed

Again, this is also affected by what you want to do with the scooter. If it is your means of transport to and from work, you need a scooter with a higher speed limit. If it is for fun and relaxation, you can consider a scooter with a speed limit between 8mph and 50mph.

Bottom line

There are lots of factors to be considered when choosing an electric scooter. The factors discussed above are the major ones, but you could also consider things like the type of tires, the cost of the scooter, the reviews of your retailer, and the warranty. 

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