When to Offer Discounts to Your Customers to Retain them and Increase Your Sales

As the sales are in full swing, you have certainly seen a surge in your sales volume in recent days. There is no doubt about it: sales, promotions and discounts offered to your customers sell more. Organized twice a year on dates determined by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the sales allow you to empty your stocks and your customers to do good business. But apart from the winter and summer sales (2 times 6 weeks), you may want to offer jacamo discount code.

The advantages and disadvantages of internet promotions for traders

Before we detail the various ways to offer discounts to your customers, let’s quickly study the advantages and limitations of these business methods.


– Customer loyalty

– Acquisition of new customers

– Increase in your conversion rate

– Flow of your stocks and items that have trouble leaving in normal times

– These promotions are easy to set up thanks to e-commerce solutions


– Decrease in profitability

– Risk of seeing a drop in your sales outside of promotional periods if your customers know that you offer them very regularly

– Risk of attracting customers who are only interested in the price and are therefore much more difficult to retain

Who can offer regular promotions to their customers?

I was able to observe 2 types of diametrically opposed attitude with regard to the strategy of offering jacamo discount code and promotions. It is a safe bet that for the vast majority of you, it is the middle path that you will have to choose.

Those who offer discounts all the time

Some very large traders have made the regular or even permanent offer of discount coupons one of the pillars of their commercial strategy. It is almost unthinkable today to buy an item on one of these sites at full price. It has even become a game to find the best discount coupon.

Another major player in online decoration sales, Made in Design, offers a daily discount code valid “tonight until midnight”. If this can encourage new visitors to complete their purchase during the day, regulars of the brand will wait to be able to take advantage of the best possible discount coupon. Over the course of a month, these generally vary between 10% and 12% to reach 15% once a month. This strategy works for e-merchants who either have good margins and can afford to sacrifice them a little permanently, or very large sales volumes which can partially offset a slightly degraded profitability.

Those who never do discounts or sales

Some offer absolutely no discounts, even during sales. In this category, there are many luxury brands. They have significant margins, but make this choice to preserve their brand image intact. Their clientele is wealthy and loves beautiful products. They therefore have no interest in wooing those who are mainly on the lookout for good deals.

Among the traders who do not make reductions, there are also those who position themselves on low prices all year round. The strategy you should adopt with regard to sales and other promotional offers depends on the type of products you are selling as well as your margins.

Here are 5 types of offers that you can put in place to boost your margins without damaging your brand image.

1. The welcome offer

It consists of offering a discount to people who order for the very first time on your site. It’s always nice for a new customer to be offered a welcome promotion, but sometimes frustrating for existing customers who would like to see their loyalty rewarded. This is why they may be tempted to create new accounts linked to other email addresses in order to be able to take advantage of the welcome offer several times.

To avoid this, you can also reward your loyal customers by offering them equivalent or even more attractive offers.

2. The reduction offered to newsletter subscribers

Today, an email address is worth gold because it is the safest way to reach and communicate with our customers. This is why many brands offer discounts to people who join their mailing list. They can then regularly send them information about their products.

3. Promotions related to parties and birthdays

f you are looking for a pretext to offer attractive offers, our national holidays and other traditions are numerous enough throughout the year for you to repeat this operation every month: between Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day , Christmas, changes of season, holidays, and back to school, you are spoiled for choice. And as hypermarkets often do, you can celebrate your brand’s anniversary for an entire month.

  1. A little help for customers who have abandoned their cart

As we have seen recently , more than half of customers who add products to their cart do not complete their purchase. By using the relaunch function for abandoned baskets, you can expect to recover around 15% of these baskets. But why not go even further by offering a special offer to people who have not finalized their purchase after a first relaunch? This method is of course not to be used in a systematic way so that customers do not discover the “pot aux roses”.

5. Exclusive offers to re-expanded customers

Retargeting or retargeting consists of presenting an advertisement to people who have already visited your site. It is today one of the marketing tactics that presents the best return on investment because in this case we are addressing people who have already expressed some interest in your brand since they already know your site. In addition, you can refine your retargeting campaigns by choosing to target all people who have visited your site, or only those who have visited certain pages in particular, or even exclusively people who have added products to their cart.

Discounts and promotions are a powerful lever to boost your sales. Used intelligently, they will allow you to significantly increase your sales without sacrificing your margins too much. Try out the above methods and come back to tell us in the comments which one works best for you.

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