Which mattress is best for you?


A good quality mattress should protect against lumbar and back pain and prevent joint aching. It should relax the muscles and not allow them to stiffen. Let us help you find your way around the wide range there is to choose from!

We no longer choose between just hard and soft mattresses. The range can include 8 or more different firmness levels! Sometimes manufacturers don’t work with the terms “hard” and “soft” mattress at all, but with the feelings of the customer who lies down on the mattress in the store and chooses it.

In addition to their basic functions of providing support and relaxation for our bodies, different mattresses can also prevent, to varying degrees, bedsores, allergies (or, more precisely, the symptoms of allergies) and excessive sweating when sleeping.

How to recognise a quality mattress

What are the signs of a quality product? Always look in particular at the following items to get a quick idea of the quality of the product.

The ventilation border

The mattress should have a ventilation edge around its perimeter. This is a narrow grid of about two centimetres that increases the ventilation of the mattress interior. It therefore supports the ventilation provided by the various perforation systems of the mattress, but also by its material.

A removable cover is essential

A cover that can be removed from the mattress has long been standard. Beware of non-removable covers and, ideally, avoid such a mattress altogether. It would mean much worse hygiene and more difficult cleaning. Dirt, dust mites and mould could get inside the mattress, irritate you when you sleep and also reduce the life of the mattress.

Although mattress covers usually look fluffy, white and quite delicate, in most cases they can be washed at 60°C. This temperature is enough to get rid of dust mites and other unwanted organisms on the cover. So check that the cover can be washed at this temperature.

A very convenient and pleasant solution is a divisible cover. When the zipper of the cover can be completely separated, the cover will split in half. These can be washed separately and fit better in the washing machine. In smaller washing machines with lower capacity, split covers are even the only way to wash mattress covers at home.


A reputable retailer shouldn’t talk about an extremely long warranty period, but honestly tell you what you can expect from a given mattress. A solid warranty is 10 to 15 years for the mattress core. Some manufacturers split the warranty – if you make a claim in the first few years, they refund the full amount, then later the amount is reduced.


The first signal of higher or lower quality is, unsurprisingly, price. Because the materials of modern mattresses and their covers are expensive, sophisticated and often unique, too low a price cannot signal high durability, durability or comfort.

What’s what

  • Sandwich construction – a mattress composed of different longitudinal layers. For example, made of antibacterial foam, memory foam, or cold foam, in several stiffnesses and with different perforations.
  • Partner mattress – a double-sided mattress that can be rotated, each side having different properties.
  • Shoulder cradle – softening in the shoulder area. The shoulder on which we lie will dig in more and the spine will remain straight.

How to choose a mattress? Slowly!

It is important to allow plenty of time to choose and it is best to spread your choice over several days. In a specialist shop, you should first tell the sales assistant your idea and they will suggest several suitable mattresses for you to try. After that, it is important to lie back and concentrate on your feelings. How you feel lying down, how your body reacts to a particular mattress. Pay attention to your back. Try lying on your side, on your back and other positions you are used to. Don’t get distracted and don’t think about whether you’ve been lying down for too long or if you’re lingering in the store. Feel free to lie down for as long as you need, or visit several times. A mattress is a big and important investment.

For more expensive mattresses, some retailers offer the option to borrow a mattress to take home to try out. And a final reminder: always try the mattress with a pillow.

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