Which Operating System is Better in Smart TV

Before understanding the best Operating System in Smart TV, I would like to acclimatize you with what an operating system is and how does that help in enhancing or deteriorating the experience an individual has with the Smart TV. An operating system not only helps you in browsing the channels on satellite or cable TV but also helps you in accessing the pictures, videos, music when connected with a storage device and other on-demand video streaming services. For truly enjoying the experience of a Smart TV we need to make sure that the following acts could be performed with minimal efforts by an Operating system:

  • The Operating System should be user friendly, so it is easy for a person to switch between different shows or platforms and then continue the same after a while, from the point they left it.
  • The Operating System should be able to access the application store so that other potential needs of the viewer are taken care of.
  • The Operating System should have multiple codecs for audio, video, upscaling and etc.
  • The feature to record a particular program or guide should be clearly denoted in the Operating System.
  • The Operating System should be able to enhance an individual’s gaming experience as well.

The Operating System should have voice command support. Now the topmost operating systems are discussed below: LG Web OS LG already known for its quality product offers one good quality operating system. The advantages of choosing this are:

It is quite user-friendly and it provides a personalized viewing experience, as you can add your favourite content and pickup from the same point where you left when you are jumping from one platform to another(360-degree video playback). It also provides you with recommendations on the basis of content consumed earlier.

  • It has voice command support that helps in navigating the shows and the content easily
  • It has ThinQ AI to the operating system that can be used for communicating with external support devices and Alex Skills and Google home are also available
  • The home key provides access s to all the pre-installed applications and services, which makes the viewing experience delightful.
  • It is certified with Dolby ATMOS, Dolby Vision and an OLED image gallery
  • It also has Bluetooth compatibility.

Most important characteristic of LG Web OS is its smooth functioning for many years, as applications don’t take much space or they are not resourced hungry and therefore no extra amount of data is stored redundantly. Android TV Operating System Android TV is the most common TV operating system. Some of the services that it provides are:

It has chrome cast inbuilt in it which helps the user in browsing easily.

Google assistant could be put to use as well as the personal desktops, and the voice command system is also quite impressive.

The android operating system is resource hungry and therefore will hang after a certain point of time unlike Tizen OS and LG Web. But it will provide a delightful experience if an individual wants to use multiple applications or play games on its Smart TV. Fire TV Edition Operating System Amazon collaborating with Onida has launched this operating device. Some of the features that I observed are:

Though you could easily operate Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant you cannot access the Google play store.

Mainstream applications are available with the exception of YouTube.

Though it is a smart solution to your smart home, news, and weather updates, a little compromise has to be made.

Samsung Tizen OS Tizen OS is the umbrella system for operating TVs, Cameras, Ovens, and Air Conditioning units. It is very user friendly. Another important characteristic Tizen OS of it is smooth functioning for many years, as applications don’t take much space or they are not resourced hungry and therefore no extra amount of data is stored redundantly.

It is faster and more efficient when compared to Android OS. Tizen OS is the future of how operating systems are going to be. One of the drawbacks could be the incompetency of not suggesting or in other ways personalizing the experience of the viewer which is done in LG Web OS.

It merely suggests that you have not opened an application, which is not at all fruitful. So these are some of the options that are available for an individual if they want a good operating system. The best choice would be to prioritize your needs and then go for the option that best fits one. The one that I would suggest would be LG Web OS or Tizen OS.

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