Season 2 Who Killed Sara: Reveals Release Date on Netflix

Netflix has released the official preview and confirmed a release date for Season 2 of their series Who Killed Sara?. Season 2, which will be debuted on Netflix on May 19, focused around Alex Guzman (Manolo Cardona) and his quest for the truth about the death of his girlfriend, Sara.

Sara’s dad, César Lazcano (Ginés García Millán), was the individual who at first shot up him for the murder of Sara and sent him to jail for 18 years, and is kept eager to find out the truth so that he can excuse himself.

It begins with detective shots of a coincidental grave and forensics which piece uncovered skeleton bones together. Alex is asked to figure out the reality about the dark life of his sister as friends and family advise him to just leave the matter. Season 2 video is a different snippet of Alex.

Moreover, steamy shots from the Lazcano family demonstrate that the issue of paternity and romanticized treachery, which were plentiful in Stage 1. Alex’s daughter, abducted by an unseen perpetrator and a dramatic vehicle chasing scene on the verge of disaster – as we see her drive by a motorcycle – is also struck by a driver.

The show features Carolina Miranda as Elisa, Alejandro Ramirez as Mariana and Alejandro Nones, and José María as José and Ximena Lamadrid, as Sara as Sergio. The show is filmed in Mexico and all actors speak Spanish. However, the audience on Netflix will see it with English subtitles or English dubbing in its original language.

Who will return in the new season?

All in the new season will be of the Lazcan family – César patriarch, Mariana matriarch, the twins, Rodolfo, Chema, and Elisa. Alex and Sara Guzman return and disclose some about what Alex never learned about Sara’s history. Many characters would be introduced into the storyline in the new season, with the cast included Daniel Giménez Cacho, Matías Novoa, and Antonio de la Vega.

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What will the plot season 2?

There’s a lot going on at the end of the first season just that many goes unresolved. It has been discovered that Mariana knew that Sara had been pregnant with the baby of César, and that she ordered her replacement son/lover Elroy to handle the umbrella harness to kill Sara.

Yet we see Elroy not cutting the parachute; he appears to take the idea out. Mariana purifies the sail, hides facts and throws a knife into the water she gave to Elroy. So it seems like behind the killing Mariana is the prime suspect, but we find out that Sara has more in her plot.

Sara saw a video of an anonymous man (Sergio? César?) violently murdering Flor Sanchez, a woman taken against her will and tricked into sex labor in the César Casino Underground Casino Sex Slavery Activity at Sergio Business Party’s office, Sergio.

She stole the tape and hid it from her neighbor. César spoke in the lake house to Sergio, saying he was going to take care of Sara. César then has the clearest explanation for her murder between Sara’s child’s pregnancy and the fact that she witnessed Flor’s murder on video.

The new season two trailer shows that Sara isn’t as naive as we once thought. We see Sara kicking down the stairs and shattering her chamber someone (who looks like her friend Marifer, a.k.a. Diana the Huntress). The Lazcanos seemed to be abducted by Elisa and the scheme for wooing Chema succeeded Clara.

We see what feels like a conspiracy between Clara and Marifer against Chema. Will Marifer take vengeance on everything that Sara did to her? Will she be the real murderer? As soon as on Netflix season 2 falls on May 19, we’ll find out enough.

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