Why Deep Cleaning Matters: Elevating Your End of Lease Inspection

It’s every renter’s worst nightmare – the end of lease inspection. After months or even years of living in your home, keeping it clean, and taking care of repairs, your landlord or real estate agent will come through with a fine-toothed comb and microscope to inspect every nook and cranny. Even the tidiest of tenants can find themselves slapped with excessive cleaning fees and charges.

So how do you make sure you pass your end of lease inspection with flying colours? The key is starting early and going the extra mile with a deep clean across your entire property. Read on for a comprehensive guide on elevating your end of lease cleaning to get your full bond back.

The Early Bird Gets the Bond Back

First things first – don’t leave your cleaning to the last minute! Give yourself at least 2-3 weeks before your lease end date to do a thorough deep clean. Trying to cram it all in a day or two before will leave you rushed, stressed, and more likely to miss areas.

You’ll also want time for potential re-cleans. If your agent spots something you missed on inspection day, you’ll be grateful for the extra days to go back and rectify.

Roll Up Your Sleeves: What Needs The Deep Clean Treatment?

While daily and weekly cleaning keeps your rental liveable, returning it to the landlord in pristine, like-new condition requires special attention to often neglected areas. Go room by room and get scrubbing:


Inside cupboards: Remove everything and wipe down shelves, doors, and drawers.

Kitchen appliances: Clean inside microwaves, ovens, fridges, etc. Pay special attention to water dispensers in fridges which can develop mold.

Exhaust fans and vents: Remove dust build up.

Sinks: Use baking soda and vinegar for shine.

Floors: Get on your hands and knees to scrub stains around and behind appliances.


Shower grout: Use a specialized grout cleaner and brush to lift stains.

● Toilets: Clean every nook and cranny and don’t forget the base and bowl.

● Cabinets: Just like the kitchen, remove all items and wipe down inside.

● Exhaust vents: Remove lingering humidity and mould.


● Under beds: Vacuum away dust bunnies.

● Closets: Wipe down shelves and hangars.

● Windows: A damp microfiber cloth lifts dirt from tracks.

Living Areas

● Blinds: Dust each slat before wiping down.

● Light fittings: Carefully remove glass to clean fixtures.

● Walls: Spot clean any marks.

● Carpets: Invest in a professional steam clean for traffic areas.


● Windows: Clean inside, out and in between.

● Doors: Don’t forget front, back, and screen doors.

● Garbage bins: Scrub out stains and odours.

● Garden beds: Tidy overgrown edges.

● Driveways: Sweep away leaves.

● Balconies: Sweep and mop.

The Little Things That Matter

Don’t underestimate how much the little details matter for your end of lease clean. Go beyond the basic floors and surfaces by showing extra care for:

● Air vents: Often clogged with dust.

● Light switches and power points: Built up grime.

● Doorknobs and handles: Great for harbouring germs.

● Curtains and blinds: Wash or dry clean if marked.

● Walls and ceilings: Check for scuff marks.

● Skirting boards and coving: Dust gathers easily.

Leave It Sparkling Like New

Imagine you’re the landlord walking through the property for the very first time – this will give you the critical eye you need for inspection day. Some extra tips include:

● Replace any dead light bulbs. Burnt out globes make rooms seem dingier.

● Fix leaky taps and shower heads. Dripping water damage could cost you.

● Fill small holes and fix marks. Check walls and doors for any damage.

● Oil squeaky doors and cabinets. It seems trivial but those annoying squeaks stand out.

● Clean windows make a huge difference. Do them last when everything is dust-free.

If it doesn’t look or feel new, roll up your sleeves again. Persistence pays off for defect-free end of lease cleans.

Call in the Professionals

Of course, the deepest clean might still not be 100% perfect in the eyes of your landlord or agent. When you need cleaning pros to swoop in, Affordable Cleaning Service is here to help all over Parramatta. With over 20 years of experience and eco-friendly products, our insured cleaners complete thorough end of lease cleans to ensure your bond is refunded. Contact the friendly team today for an obligation-free quote.


What are some trouble areas landlords look for?

The kitchen and bathroom are hot spots. Pay special attention to build up in sinks, tiled areas like shower grout, exhaust fans and inside cabinets. Any signs of mould will also be inspected thoroughly.

How can I get child marks and scuffs off walls?

Magic eraser cleaning sponges are excellent for removing scuffs, marks and dirt from walls without damaging paint. For more stubborn stains, try a mix of baking soda and water into a paste, rubbed gently on marks. Rinse clean with a damp cloth.

Are steam cleaners better than vacuuming for carpets?

Yes, for end of lease cleans you’ll want the deep cleaning power of steam. Vacuuming only removes surface dust and dirt while steam cleaners penetrate fibers lifting stains for a like-new finish. You can hire carpet steam machines or get professionals in.

What’s the best way to clean inside windows?

Start by dusting window frames and sills completely first. Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Spray windows and use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean in light circular motions. Repeat until sparkling – newspapers are also great for getting inside windows streak-free.

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