Why Do Individuals Consider Train Travel to Canada

From the Atlantic to the Pacific and up into the stunning Canadian Northlands, railway tracks bind this nation together. For over a century, trains have carried wide-eyed adventurers across Canada’s endless forests, over its magnificent mountains and through its remote rural heartlands. Now more travelers are discovering (or re-discovering) the unique pleasures of exploration by rail, train travel to Canada allows absorbing Canada’s marvels at an intimate, human pace – without the stresses of driving or flying.

Unparalleled sights roll gently past windows. History comes alive. And opportunities emerge to connect with friendly locals and cultures in far-flung destinations well off the tourist trail. Whether you seek relaxation, world-class vistas, eco-friendly transport or travel thrills beyond the ordinary, a Canadian train trip promises epic, enduring memories.

1. The Allure of the Rails: Exploring Canada by Train

For many travelers, the idea of exploring the vast landscapes of Canada by train holds a certain romantic allure. The gentle rocking of a rail car, the ever-changing vistas rolling past the windows, the opportunity to relax and revel in the journey itself – train travel conjures up images of a simpler, classic mode of transport from earlier eras. And while planes, cars and buses may get you across Canada faster, travelers are increasingly drawn to rail journeys for unique reasons all their own.

2. Seeing the Sights Stress-Free

One of the biggest appeals of train travel across Canada is the chance to soak in the incredible scenery at a leisurely pace. From the towering Rocky Mountains of Alberta to the remote northern forests of Ontario to the Atlantic coasts of Canada’s Maritime provinces, trains cross extraordinarily picturesque terrain. Passengers can forget about watching the road or navigating, instead gazing out widows as dramatic landscapes unfold.

3. Relaxing With Room to Roam

In addition to the views, travelers appreciate trains for their overall comforting ambience and extra space. Dining cars on long distance routes allow meals alongside new people and fresh scenery. Upper level glass-domed cars on certain trains provide bird’s-eye panoramas. Sleeping accommodations range from cozy berths to luxurious suites. By contrast, those journeying by plane or automobile often reach their destination more sore, stressed, and fatigued.

4. Connecting With History & Culture

For history buffs, trains also serve as time machines back into the development of Canada itself. The railway shaped Canada more than anything else, linking far-flung cities and towns from east to west. Much of the most breathtaking wilderness and mountain terrain viewable from trains remain precisely as the early railway surveyors and builders saw it over a century ago.

5. Going Green On the Go

Eco-conscious travelers also note trains’ fuel efficiency versus other modes of transport. Streamlined locomotives moving large groups of passengers over fixed distances greatly reduce overall emissions. And rail lines diminished their environmental impact over a century ago during construction in favor of routes with gentler grades requiring less power. Trains continue to promote greener tourism. Canada’s scenic trains also predominantly utilize renewable hydro-electric energy rather than fossil fuels.


From the first mile leaving the station to the last mile pulling in, Canada Train Vacations soothes the soul, inspires the imagination and reconnects us with the majestic grandeur of the land. As the lonesome train whistle beckons in the distance, a personal adventure of stunning vistas, rich heritage and cultural insights awaits with Canada Train Vacations taking you on an epic ride through dramatic landscapes on the rails ahead.

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