Why Getting Temporary Staff for a Trade Show is a Good Idea

Running a trade show can be a fantastic way to bring the major players of your industry together under one roof. You’ll also get the chance to gain insights on up-and-coming brands that represent the future of the sector.

However, trade shows can be complex and require a great deal of planning and forethought to manage and run correctly. Often, hiring temporary staff to run your event can be the perfect solution. Read on to find out more.

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show is an event where companies, businesses, and brands from a particular industry gather to showcase new products, services, and ideas. They are somewhere where similar companies can meet and network, make new connections, and potentially forge new partnerships.

Trade shows come in all shapes and sizes, but they are often large-scale events held in enormous exhibition halls and spaces. Businesses will set up stalls and bring products with them to showcase, which means you will need plenty of space to give everyone the room they need.

Trade shows can be highly complex affairs and often run over several days. This can make managing and running them a difficult task, particularly so if you don’t have much experience running events of this kind. This is why hiring temporary staff for your trade show is such a good idea. Let’s find out more.

Event Staffing Solutions

When looking to hire temporary staff for your trade show, your best bet is to enlist the services of an event staffing agency. Event People can provide you with a specialist team of highly experienced event staff who know everything there is to know about running a successful industry event. With previous experience working with major global brands such as Adidas and Nike, using Event People can be the perfect way to effectively outsource your trade show staffing requirements and will ensure your trade show is a successful one. What’s more, the temporary staff you will be sent will be thoroughly vetted and will receive ongoing training to ensure they are the right fit for your event.

Things Will Run Smoothly

Trade shows can be incredibly busy and will have lots of things going on at once, including talks, product reveals, and workshops. For the inexperienced event organiser, juggling all of these things simultaneously can quickly turn into a logistical nightmare and your event could rapidly descend into chaos if you are not careful.

This is why using a team of experienced event staff is so important. They will know exactly what goes into the organisation of an event of this magnitude and how to ensure things run smoothly without delay or disruption.

Your Time Will Be Freed Up

If you are considering running your own trade show, the likelihood is that you or your business is involved in that particular industry. However, assuming responsibility for managing the running of the event can take up all of your time, you will likely find that you simply won’t have the chance to take part in the actual trade show itself. Instead, your time will be occupied with logistical and organisational decisions to help the event run smoothly.

By using a temporary team of event staff, your time will be freed up significantly and you will get the chance to participate in the trade show. You’ll be able to check out your competitors, see their new products, and network with potential new partners and associates. Networking is incredibly important in business. It is how you hone your interpersonal and communication skills, maintain relationships, gather new leads, and drive sales. Without proper networking, your company will struggle to see future growth and long-term, sustained success.


Running your own trade show can be a fantastic decision that can offer your business a range of benefits. However, taking on the responsibility of running the day-to-day management of the event can be a risky decision, especially if you are inexperienced. By hiring a team of temporary event staff, you can ensure your trade show runs smoothly and that everyone takes full advantage of the opportunities on offer. This includes you, outsourcing the event management means your time will be freed up, allowing you to take part in your trade show, learn more about your industry, and take your business to the next level.


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