Why is corporate law different?

You might have seen corporate law in movies portrayed as a high adrenaline job. Most people have seen “Wolf of Wall Street” by now and might have chosen to study law because of that. Well, the reality is a bit different.

What corporate law is good for?

So, the main thing why corporate law is different from other branches of law is that these kinds of lawyers work exclusively with businesses and advise them on their rights, responsibilities, and obligations. The main work that corporate lawyers do is document structuring, document drafting, deal negotiation, and so on. The goal of a corporate lawyer is that the agreement is clear and understandable for both parties involved, so no problems might arise in the future.

So, in short, a corporate lawyer ensures that the paperwork is done correctly, and the company operates without any trouble. Yet to keep everything in check, they need to have knowledge in many areas like bankruptcy, intellectual property, zoning laws, licensing, security law, tax, accounting, and more. It is a tough job to do, as you need to know all of the processes from start to finish and be able to identify areas where problems might arise, thus preventing them from appearing in the first place.

Many corporate lawyers work as independent contractors, while others, over time, might become in-house experts for a corporation or a partner in their firm. But when looking for one, your first stop is a law firm. And for that matter, a corporate law firm in Lithuania can be the right choice.

The specifics of the job

A corporate lawyer can help a business with many things. Usually, they don’t do everything there is and more closely oversee one of the few processes that you need the most help with.

Corporate formation – Every corporation is a separate legal entity that must obey the laws of its country. To form a corporation, you need attorneys to draft are needed to document the creation of the corporation and specify internal affairs management.

Acquisitions and mergers – As the corporation grows, a merger or an acquisition might take place. This happens when one company decides to buy another one, or two of them decide to become one legal entity. A corporate lawyer will make sure that these actions will satisfy both parties and everything will be legally documented. This is very important as mergers and acquisitions can also be used to take out your competitors.

Corporate security law – Every action your corporation takes that has to do with stocks, must abide by the corporate securities law. Any information disclosed to shareholders and investors must have sufficient and exact information required by the law. All corporate lawyers must be familiar with these laws, as failing to abide by them warrants an investigation and big legal trouble.

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