Why is Taking a Shower More Advantageous than Taking a Bath? Your Main Questions Answered

There is a long-running debate that has baffled numerous individuals ever since the showerhead was first invented: which is better, taking a shower or taking a bath? Lots of shower enthusiasts will agree that taking a shower has immense benefits, especially if you are in a hurry to start the day. On the other hand, bathing enthusiasts will also tell you that bathing relieves stress and is more relaxing. We can all agree that taking a shower or a bath is a daily ritual for most people worldwide, and both methods have their merits and pros and cons. But taking a shower is generally considered more advantageous than taking a bath – but why? Here are the answers to your main questions.

  • The question of hygiene

When it comes to taking a shower, most people will agree that it is more hygienic than taking a bath. Picture this: when people take a bath, they soak in the same water that they have been sitting in, which means that they are essentially bathing in their own dirt and bacteria. On the other hand, showering is different: when you shower, the water essentially washes away the dirt and bacteria from your body, and the water flows down the drain, taking the dirt and grime and all the bacteria with it.

  • The question of saving water

Another advantage of taking a shower is that it saves more water compared to taking a bath. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a full tub requires around 317 litres, while a short, 10-minute shower uses only 113 litres of water (with a low-flow showerhead). By taking a shower in a shower cabin instead of a bath, you can save a significant amount of water, which is ideal for the environment – and it can even save you money on your water bill.

  • The question of speed and convenience

When you take a shower, it is also faster and more convenient than taking a bath. Most of us lead busy lives, and all we want to do is begin our day – we simply don’t have the time to soak in the bath for an extended period! Meanwhile, taking a shower is quick and easy, making it more practical for people with busy lives. Moreover, showers are easier to use for those with disabilities or mobility issues.

  • The question of skin health and relaxation

Another advantage of a shower over a bath is that it is better for your skin. When you soak in a bath, the hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils, leaving it itchy and dry. But a shower uses cooler water, which is less likely to strip away your natural oils. What’s more, taking a shower can remove dead skin cells, which can lead to smoother and healthier skin.

Also, while taking a shower is not as relaxing as taking a bath, it can still be therapeutic and relaxing; and most people will tell you that it’s much more rejuvenating and energising than a bath! Many people find that showering helps clear their minds, and you can enhance the relaxation experience by installing a rainfall showerhead or adding aromatherapy oils.

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