Why Nic Salts E-Liquid Is a Less Harmful Alternative to Cigarettes

Are you new to the vape industry and know little about nic-salts e-liquid? Or maybe you are a heavy smoker looking to quit smoking cigarettes and switch to an alternative but do not know which vaping method is right for you.

Whatever your situation, it is always useful to know your options. That is why we have put together this guide on why nic salts e-liquid is a less harmful alternative to cigarettes.

What is Nic Salts E-Liquid?

Nic salts e-liquid, commonly known as nicotine salts or salt nicotine, is a type of nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves and bonded with various acids to create an e-liquid that humans can vape.

How are Nic Salts E-Liquid Less Harmful than Cigarettes?

Nic salts e-liquid are less harmful than cigarettes because:

1: Healthier Alternative

It does not matter whether you smoke cigarettes every other day or multiple times each day — you still risk damaging your cardiovascular system. Even worse, you introduce a range of chemicals and additives to your body, harming nearly all organs and rendering you blind in as little as five years.

When you vape nic salts liquid instead of smoking cigarettes, you are taking a healthier alternative since you are no longer taking in the tobacco, added sugars, and chemical additives found in cigarettes.

Moreover, by using nic salts e-liquid, you can fight the craving to smoke cigarettes more effectively because nic salts e-liquid provides a fast-acting, long-lasting nicotine hit compared to cigarettes.

As you cut down on cigarettes and switch to nic salts e-liquid, you will breathe easier, enhance immunity, and have a longer life expectancy.

2: They Cater to Mouth-to-Lung Smokers

Cigarette smoking falls under direct-lung (DL) smoking. When you smoke a cigarette, you inhale the smoke into your mouth and breathe it into your lungs. This way, you inhale too much nicotine and dangerous toxins like tobacco and tar directly into your lungs.

Nic salts e-liquid vaping falls under mouth-to-lung (MTL) smoking. Mouth-to-lung smoking is when you first collect the smoke in your mouth and inhale it into your lungs.

Nic salts e-liquid are perfect for mouth-to-lung smokers because they allow you to pull the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. This way, you inhale less nicotine and fewer toxins.

3: Secondhand Smoke Doesn’t Affect Others

There is no safe level of exposure when it comes to cigarette smoke. Individuals who do not smoke but are exposed to secondhand smoke are at risk of developing heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke.

Contrarily, nic salts e-liquid are safer than cigarettes. Electronic smoking devices emit harmless water vapor. Even better, the secondhand vapor from electronic smoking devices contains low levels of nicotine, toxins, and ultrafine particles.

Switch to Nic Salts Liquid for a Better Smoking Experience

As you can see, nic salts e-liquid is less harmful than cigarettes. It is healthier and caters to mouth-to-lung smokers and does not affect anyone who breathes it in. Switch to nic salts e-liquid today for a healthier, safer alternative.

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