Why Rest Is Critical For Success

Why Rest Is Critical For Success 

Rest is crucial for proper body functioning. I thought that it would conquer the world and achieve my dreams by working day and night. But in the end, I was wrong. Without proper sleep, it seems impossible to work which ultimately reduces your performance. When I research sleep and health, I came to know that majority of people, including leaders as well, were neglecting their health and not getting enough sleep. Students are the biggest group of people that are lacking in sleep because of endless tasks. If you are getting trough this now make sure to check London assignment help

According to scientific research, waking for 17-18 hours and sleeping less than 6 hours could significantly reduce your performance at the job. it negatively impacts your brain and you lose self-control and affect your behavior.

 A study was conducted to solve a video game problem. The group which has more time to sleep was able to solve the problem more swiftly as compared to another group that lacked sleep. The study was concluded based on the findings that sleep is necessary for doing the everyday task and managing it. 

“Fatigue and tired minds don’t plan well.

First sleep, then plan”

The above quote explains well, why you need rest? Having a full night’s sleep can boost your brain performance and increase your visual and auditory senses. Also, it refreshes your mood, induces good behavioral changes, and helps to make better decisions. Barack Obama once said that he made mistakes when he was tired. There is a notion of those who sleep enough did not work hard. Well, it is wrong. Your progress of job and studies does not reflect how much time you sleep but it is the journey of improvement. 

Sleeplessness deteriorates your mental and physical health at the same time. Here are some scientific reasons for diseases or problems associated with lack of sleep:

  • Insomnia.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Fatigue and tiredness.
  • Poor eyesight.
  • Poor metabolism

Other psychological problems include:

  • Stress.
  • Anxiety.
  • Depression.
  • Serious mental health issues. 
  • Less motivation to go on the job.

And there is still much more to discuss. Above mentioned reasons affect your life just because you are not getting enough sleep. Taking enough sleep directly affects your health. As stated below:


“Sleep is a chain that binds

health and our body together”

Let’s discuss some examples of those people who are working hard but smartly and their success is due to their smart strategy of working. All the entrepreneurs around the world earn a handsome amount of income and living their dreams yet they still sleep full time. Their motto is to dedicated only specific working hours to the office and the rest for their family and rest. This type of mindset will always drive towards accomplishment. 

Shifting this thinking can be rewarding and your work can be easily done. Don’t get too much busy in working hours as it is your health and growth that is impaired. Try using some of the best essay writing services in UK to save yourself some time and energy. Being productive requires a fresh mind and good brain development. If you rest well then more innovative and creative ideas come to your mind. 

“What it matters is your progress,

not your speed”

The concept of working overtime is so ingrained in our society that people follow it blindly without knowing its effects. Even when people know it, they still neglect it and then the outcome would worse, which is too late to regret. There should be proper awareness programs on sleep, rest, and mental health. Everyone wants to be successful but only a few persons can achieve their goal because they have a balanced lifestyle of working and resting. Adjusting your environments temperature will also help you to sleep better. Implement a good habit of taking breaks and sleep, then see a change in yourself. 

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