Why should you consider Huawei watch gt 2?

Welcome to another smart watch blurb, in this web content we will review the latest features of huawei watch gt 2 which makes them cost effective and user friendly. If you guys were keen enough you would realize that I’ve ditched my apple watch and I have personally used this smart watch for a week in order to give you guys a best review. I get a lot of compliments on wearing this watch and no one ever knows whether it’s a smart watch or anything due to its traditional look.

Design of huawei watch gt 2

The first thing we’re going to talk about is the design of the huawei watch gt 2. So, straight off the bat this watch just looks elegant. It has a titanium case which has a premium feeling and as a fire crystal screen, two common materials that are in high-end analog watches on the back. However huawei has not opted for metal but for ceramic and it looks great. The two dial buttons on the right frame are very tactile and well-polished. The upper one lets you return home with the lower one you can go to your direct access to sports activities.

Now, the screen is also really nice. It’s an amoled screen 1.39 inches. It’s also a touch screen and that’s how you navigate throughout the menus and everything. It does not have a rotating bezel which gives it a nice elegance to it and discretion more like a unisex design in our opinion. It might be kind of big on the wrist but the good thing is that with these dimensions the content is easier to be visualized.

Charging & Battery life

You can charge huawei watch gt 2 with a nice wireless charging puck that you can just connect to an usb cable and you’re good to go. You don’t have to worry about charging that much because the huawei watch gt 2 has two weeks of battery life. It’s so refreshing to know that I don’t have to take off my watch every night or every morning or you wake up in the morning rushing to go somewhere only to see that your watch is dead.

Product specifications

In terms of software and features powering the huawei watch gt 2 is the kerning a1 chipset which comes with a Bluetooth 5.1 and NFC support on board. NFC support is mainly for transferring images faster and also with the huawei hot on hop feature basically you could take a picture of anything and then you just get your huawei device tap it on the watch and it sets it as the watch face if you have the gallery watch face enabled.

Now in terms of payments, the NFC doesn’t work with payments but hopefully, that would be a feature that’s added down the road or maybe with the gt3 pro huawei. The huawei watch gt 2 has around 32 gigs of ram which is insane and 4 gigs of internal storage and overall the watch performance is sharp and snappy.

Unique Features

You can add music to that internal memory. The watch has a speaker and if you want to jump onto some music or take calls. You’re good now because a small microphone is built-in that picks up your voice. If you are in a car with a watch with no complaints, take another look on the underside is the new improved heart rate sensor which can measure pulse continuously.

So, in addition, the huawei watch gt 2 can now record your blood oxygen which was the big hype with the upward series six. It can record your blood oxygen level accurately and by the way, the watch is also waterproof up to 50 meters.

I think it’s the best smart watch on the market. Let me know what you guys think about this smart watch.

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