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Why You Need A Youth Marketing Agency

Many companies fail to successfully target the youth because they don’t understand them.

One of the fundamentals of good marketing is knowing your target audience, and even the slightest misconception could cripple your whole plan.

This is why you need a youth marketing agency – you need a group of people who understand and know how to specifically target a younger audience.

They’ll help you to dismantle your possibly flawed ideas about targeting the youth and help you make an impeccable strategy.

How could your current strategy be flawed? Well, we will explore the common mistakes companies make and how a good youth marketing strategy addresses them.

Unclear Audience Targeting

Company’s lack of understanding isn’t exclusively their fault.

Most of the ways in which groups are split by age tend to be highly reductionist, ignoring the nuances between the different groups and grouping together an absurdly wide range.

Take the different generations, for example. Gen Z is classed as 1996 to 2015 but ask 3 people in that almost 20-year gap the same question, and you will get 3 different answers.

Therefore one of the biggest mistakes a company makes is making the target audience too broad.

A youth marketing agency will ask you questions that will force you to specify who you’re targeting, helping you to focus.

This will involve narrowing the age range, e.g., 16-25, under 16s, their interests, their psychographics, etc.

Obsession With Social Media

It’s undeniable that the majority of youth practically live online in one way or another, thus making digital marketing the most logical next step.

However, where a lot of companies falter is that they rely on it too much, which is a problem for 2 reasons.

Firstly, they can begin to ignore other components of marketing such as physical marketing or tv marketing.

In a direct comparison, digital marketing will most likely win in terms of ROI, but this is a limited way of looking at it because using all the different types will always be the best solution.

But a laser focus on just social media can cause them to ignore other possible lucrative options or opportunities for synergy.

Obsession With Social Media

The second reason is ingenuity.

The younger generation is more socially aware than ever in a lot of ways, and a lot of them are willing to make the extra effort to investigate what they are buying.

This means if you use social media as promotion, then you need to be consistent in your message and as organic as possible.

If they smell any insincerity in your marketing, this will be counterproductive to the original intention.

This means walking a thin line between utilizing trends but not just leeching onto what’s popular, especially if it doesn’t mesh well with the brand.

You also need to be aware of the ethical impact of your company, branding, and advertisements.

A good youth marketing agency knows this and has experience to help them avoid these pitfalls.

Audience Test

A lot of companies fail to properly test their marketing campaigns before they proceed with them.

It can be due to a range of reasons – lack of time, lack of budget, or the assumption that they know best.

Either way, no amount of research or ideas should be treated as an alternative to live feedback from the right target audience.

Ideally, they should ask for approval from someone in this target audience all the way back in the idea-forming process.

If this isn’t possible, they should at least run the development by young people before executing the complete plan and potentially wasting resources.

A good youth audience will have a good network in which they can help a company do this, hence why there are so vital.


As you can a good youth marketing agency will elevate every part of your marketing strategy from targeting to idea development to execution, which is why you absolutely need one.

However, finding a good one is easier said than done, so where do you find a good one?

Well, I recommend starting with Nerds Collective Agency. They have been operating for a while, meaning they have the experience and the resources to help you maximize your marketing.

For proof and answer any questions you may have, visit their website here!

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