Why you should never buy small size shapewear?

Shapewear has gained a lot of popularity these days and become a commonly used apparel in the past few years. Despite its fame, there are some misconceptions and myths related to it. One of the major ones is that can you purchase a shapewear one size smaller? Will it offer you a small size figure and make your body look sleeker? Well, no! Not at all! It is not a suggested practice and opting for a size smaller for shaper can lead to some serious health issues. Some of the reason why you shouldn’t ever buy a small size shapewear are given below:

Prohibits proper blood circulation

Possibly, one of the poorest impacts of choosing a smaller shapewear size is that it can lead to catastrophic health concerns. If the shapewear chosen by you turns out to be smaller and tighter than needed, then it will compress your nerves causing blood clots. Now that being said, your shapewear should be very loose too. In order to make the shapewear function properly, it should have firm compression and be tight.

Hence, in order to get rid of such repercussions, it is recommended to purchase the right size of shapewear. If there are any misunderstandings related to your size, look out for the guide for the best shapewear for women to pick the right size.

Leads to tingling and numbness

Another major con of wearing body shapers which are a size smaller or too tight is that it can lead to a health condition known as meralgia paresthetica. It leads to pain, numbness and tingling sensations in your body. It usually occurs because a major key of your body has been compressed too much than needed.

Thus, it becomes all the more necessary to get the right size of shapewear. The goal to do this is referring to the size chart and find out which size and shapewear will suit you perfectly. The best shapewear for women depends on their target area, requirements and body type.

Leads to acid reflux

It usually occurs when you buy smaller tummy control shapewear, say a smaller size corset or waist trainer vest as it sits over your tummy and abdomen. The compression offered by a smaller size shapewear means that your tummy, abdomen, and the intestinal organs are compressed which can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

To prevent this, we advise all our customers to go for a size bigger if they are unsure about their accurate body shaper size. You can start with wearing the shaper for a small time period and once your body gets used to the compression, you can continue to wear it for a longer time period.

With that being said, we have reached the end of the blog. Sculpt She is your one-stop solution to buy the best shapewear for women in all sizes. No matter if you are a small size or a plus size, you can browse over to our women shapewear selection and pick the best one as per your needs and requirements.


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