Your Perfect Guide For A Trip Around South of England

When it comes to World Heritage Sites, the south coast of England is a heavyweight contender. This stunning stretch of land is dotted with several famous landmarks all along its length.


When you drive south, you’ll find that you have an almost unlimited number of alternatives for places to visit, from tiny villages like Rye to spectacular ancient monuments like Dover Castle. Natural phenomena like the Durdle Door Arch and Lulworth Cove on the Jurassic coast are just two examples.


Another piece of excellent news is that, on average, the climate in this area of England is somewhat more temperate than that of the rest of the country.


It’s true that organizing a vacation to this location, which boasts about 300 nautical miles of shoreline, can feel like a bit of a challenge, but if you hire a long distance chauffeur, you’ll have everything planned out in no time at all, and you will be able to see all the nice places that we will list below.



The Cotswolds region, which is just a stone’s throw away from London, is without a doubt the place to go if you want to find the most charming nooks and crannies in England’s most rural areas.


There are several picturesque villages located in this region that reach very near to the north of the lovely academic city of Oxford. The most prominent features of these towns are the traditional stone homes that have been meticulously maintained.


Your long distance chauffeur service will wait for you, so you can immerse yourself in the moment and feel the history.


And if you have to pick a village to visit, it is without a doubt going to have to be Bibury, which at various times has been regarded as the most beautiful village in all of England.



Lacock, which is located in the county of Wessex and is close to Bath, is an absolute must-see if you are seeking a truly charming village.


It is a very touristy enclave that has earned a considerable reputation as a result of being the scene for a number of films, the most notable of which is the Harry Potter series.


Because of its significant place in history, this tiny community, which has been continuously inhabited since the 12th century and is now cared for by the National Trust, has been designated as a tourist attraction.


During your tour of Lacock, you will concentrate on four different streets that are considered to be among the finest examples of rural architecture in the English countryside. Lacock is a popular tourist destination, so you can expect to discover shops, restaurants, and taverns that have interiors designed to reflect the town’s quaint character.



The next stop with your long distance private car service can be Shaftesbury. There are occasions in which it is worthwhile to travel to a location in order to take in the stunning scenery.


The Golden Hill of Shaftesbury should be at the top of your to-do list if you want to see one of the most breathtaking areas in the English countryside.


It is a site that transports you to another era, and you can find it in this tiny village in the county of Dorset. It is located in close proximity to the famous Neolithic enclave of Stonehenge, which is a major tourist destination in the area.


You will have the opportunity to take in a picturesque scene that more than justifies your trip to Shaftesbury. When you get there, take a stroll down the main street and, most importantly, go inside the building that houses the town’s medieval market.



Your trip across southern England should definitely include a stop in the little town of Glastonbury, which is located in Somerset County. The most compelling reason to do so is to see the ruins of the historic monastery that formerly stood there.


The abbey may be found to the south of Bath, and it is associated with a number of myths and tales involving the Holy Grail, King Arthur, and Queen Guinevere (it is said that there were buried).


Since it has become a place of residence and pilgrimage for people interested in esotericism and mysticism, Glastonbury is now a town where magic permeates all of its streets and buildings.


The truth of the matter is that Glastonbury is now a town where magic permeates all of its streets and buildings. Perhaps, you will fall in love with the country after all this trip, and you will have the desire to move to the United Kingdom.

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